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JCK Las Vegas to Debut Global Gemstone Neighborhood

It features more than 175 gem dealers from around the world.




(PRESS RELEASE) NORWALK, CT — JCK Las Vegas introduces the Global Gemstone Neighborhood for 2019, a new destination under one roof with the JCK show floor featuring more than 175 gem dealers from around the world.

The expansive 8,300 square-foot neighborhood is inclusive of the member exhibitors of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and dedicated ballroom for Fine Gems, spanning five exhibition areas for gemstones. For the first time, JCK buyers and visitors will have access to gemstone exhibitors from Australia to New Zealand, Poland to the Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore and an impressive list of companies from India, Thailand, Hong Kong and the U.S., all in one place. The Global Gemstone Neighborhood will open on Thursday, May 30, 2019, and remain open throughout the JCK Las Vegas show (Friday, May 31 – Monday, June 3).

“The new JCK Global Gemstone Neighborhood provides buyers a one-stop-shop for an extraordinary assortment of colored gems from around the world, all under one roof at JCK Las Vegas,” said Sarin Bachmann, event vice president, JCK & Luxury Events. “We are proud to welcome back many gemstone vendors who have exhibited at JCK Las Vegas for years, and we are excited to present many new international companies to our buyers and visitors, as well.”

Located directly across from the registration area on Level 1, the gemstone neighborhood will feature a wide variety of global colored gemstone suppliers. There will be a Fine Gems ballroom comprised of many of the highest end gemstone dealers in the U.S., known for their fine quality color stones. In addition, for the very first time in Las Vegas, we have assembled select members of the ICA. The ICA ballroom will be playing host to some of the most prominent suppliers, mine owners and cutters of colored gemstones from around the world. ICA members are committed to responsible sourcing, disclosure and transparency of natural colored gemstones.

“The ICA colored gemstone marketplace/exhibition at JCK Las Vegas offers something for all jewelry professionals for various facets of their business, whether they are a designer or a retailer who does custom work in-house,” said Clement Sabbagh, ICA president. “Every ICA member adheres to a strict code of ethics and standards from mine to market, with responsible sourcing of natural colored gemstones, as well as full written disclosure of any known treatments or enhancements to a gemstone. This type of responsibility and transparency ensures the respect, reputation and esteem of the fine jewelry industry and builds both consumer confidence and trust.”

For convenience and ease of navigation, the Global Gemstone Neighborhood will span five locations in close proximity on Level 1 of the Show Floor – Hall G, Sands Meeting Rooms and three consecutive ballrooms. ICA members will exhibit in the Casanova ballroom; Fine Gems will be housed in the Marco Polo ballroom, and additional U.S. and international gemstone vendors will exhibit in the Galileo ballroom, the Sands Meetings Rooms and Hall G. While exploring the neighborhood, attendees can visit the Fine Gems Café in the center of all of the gemstone areas, sponsored by exhibitors of the Fine Gems ballroom for quick bites to eat, coffee and more. See the Global Gemstone floor plan here.


All Under One Roof – Global Gemstone Exhibitor List (As of May 1, 2019)

Global Gemstone
A. N. Jewels, Inc.
Aldoria Limited
Ammolite by Aurora, LLC (Inland Mercantile, Inc.)
Amphon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Apple Green Diamond Inc.
Aquaprase/Guman Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Arise Precious Gems
Aster Jewels Inc
Astha Gems India Private Limited
B&F Jewelers (former BB International)
Beautiful Color Stone Co Ltd
Brasil Color Gems
Bright Future Gems Co Ltd
Broken River Mining Pty Ltd
BTC Gems Inc
BV Gems
Colombin Stone Co Ltd
Colorful Gems
Crystal Allies Inc.
Deepam Inc
EC Jewels HK Limited
Eldorado Sapphire Company
Emkay International Inc
Empire Gems International, Inc.
Fine Beads Inc
Fine Colour Gems
Fine Gems (NY) Inc.
Fine Imports Inc
Formica (TH) Co., Ltd.
Gandhi Enterprises Co. Ltd
GD Colors Inc
Gem House USA
Gem Matrix co Ltd
Gemorex Intl Inc
Gems 4 Less
German Salazar
GIL International Trading Co
Green Rock NY, Inc
Green Shine CI
heeralal chhaganlal tank
House of Colors Inc.
Indo Jewels Inc
Intergems sro
Ishu Gems
Iskkon Ltd
Jacob Levian
Jairaj Gems Inc
Jone Gems
Juliet Gems & Jewelry
Kanchan Gems & Jewellery
Karl Faller e.K.
Kasphul LLC
KHO International Ltd
Ko (Thai) Impex Co Ltd
Madhu Gems USA Inc.
Maluku Sea Farm
Monalisa Fine Jewels
National Facets
New Star Gems
Nice Minerals Inc

NRI Gems Inc
Opal Pacific Ltd.
Panjshir Valley Emeralds
Pearl Exporting Co
Pha-A-Tit Precious Co., Ltd,
Praveen Imports Inc.
Precious Colour (Thai) CO., LTD
Precious Pebbles Inc
Prima Jewels USA
Primus Jewels Inc.
Quality Diajewels Inc
R H & Company
Rainbow Ratan Co Inc
Rajender Gems
Rajender Gems HK Limited
RMC Gems Inc
Roally Gems Inc
Royal Beauty
Royal Gems Inc
Royal Touch LLC
RS Importing Co Ltd
Rubin’s Gem & Jewelry
Scenario Gems
Selective Gem House Inc.
Shimada Trading Co Ltd
Shining Star
Shirin LLC
Shivam Imports
Shree Gems Inc
Shrey International
Shwet Ratan Impex
Sokolowski Beata Sokolowska
Sparkle Gems Limited
SPB Gems/SPB Creations
Suncrystal Mining LLC
Sunny Gem Co
Ta Pearls
Taj Company
Tavisha Gems Inc
Temple Trading Company
Tosco International Inc
Tresor Collection
Tricolor Gems Inc
Vaibhav International Co Ltd
Viva Gems USA Inc.
Wild & Petsch Lapidaries

Fine Gems
4 G’s Trading Corp
A Kleiman & Company
A&D Gem Corp
Akiva Gil Company Inc
Amba Gem Corp
Asian Gem Centre
Atlantic Gem Corp
B & B Fine Gems
Brilliant Colors Inc
Colorline Inc
Crown Color US LLC
D Elian Corp
Emco Gem / Diamond Distributors
Evan Caplan

Hakimi A & Sons
Ijadi Gem Inc
Intercolor USA
Joel Price Inc.
Malhotra Inc
Michael GAD Emerald A GAD International Company
NIG Corp
Original Gems Inc
Pala International Inc
Premier Color Source Inc
Sara Gems
Shaun Gems International
Takat, Rare & Unique Jewels
The Rare Gem LLC
Trillion Emerald Inc.

Abouchar SA Diastar
Advanced Quality Acc Ltd
Anjali Jewels Co Ltd
Belmont Mineracao Ltda
Ben Sabbagh Bros
BGC – Brasil Gem Commerce
China Stone Co
Claudia Hamann Edelstein GmbH
Clifton Opal Pty Ltd.
Cody Opal Australia
D.B. Enterprise Ltd.
Duarte & Bastos
Enchanted Designs Ltd
Fine Gems Collection Co LTD
Gem India Exports
Gem Stones Ltd.
Gems by Nomads
Gemstones Corporation
Geometa Ltd.
Hopkins Opal
JK Gems
JS Gems
Komatsu Cutting Factory
Krish Creations Co Ltd
Lunawat Gems Corporation
Manoel Bernardes
Miranda Group Co.
Moragen Co. Ltd.
Nash James Enterprises
Noor Gems Japan Co. Ltd
Peter Valicek Gems
Potentate Mining LLC
Ramos & Campos
Rocks n Beauty Ltd
Sant Enterprises
Sapphire Creations
Seven Fines Gems
Sparkles and Colors USA Inc. / Lakhi Gems Group
Sunlight Gem Co.
Sunny Gem Co.
Tavares Gems
Thai gem Centre Co. Ltd.
The Opal Corporation Pty. Ltd.
True Blue Opals Pty Ltd.
Yes Hajaa Gems


In addition to an exciting offering of gemstone resources, there are a number of JCK Talks education sessions on Thursday, May 30, dedicated to gemstones including 2019 Gemstone Trends and Changing Lives in Gemstone Communities led by Gemlegacy. To view JCK Talks and education schedule, click here.

For more information regarding the JCK Las Vegas show, the new Global Gemstone neighborhood, visit

Interested in exhibiting at any of JCK’s shows throughout the year? Sign up to learn more here.

For more information, visit

Register for JCK Las Vegas 2019 here.



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Plumb Club to Require Members to Join RJC

It’s the first organization of its kind with such a policy.




(Press Release) NEW YORK – The Plumb Club announced that its members voted to require all new and existing Plumb Club members to become Certified Members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. The Plumb Club, a current RJC association member, is the first organization of its kind to require its members to follow the RJC Code of Practices.

The new requirement underscores The Plumb Club’s purpose to “connect its members and their customers and help shape the future of the jewelry industry.”

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Podcast: Wisconsin Salesperson Uses Life Savings to Live Her Dream of Jewelry Store Ownership

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Podcast: Making the World a Better Place in Steps Both Big and Small

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Podcast: From Tanzanite to Greenland Ruby, Hayley Henning Loves Selling Color

The RJC will collaborate with current and future Plumb Club members to ensure they adopt the RJC Code of Practices and effectively communicate their RJC membership status to their customers and business partners.

“Our new By-Law confirms The Plumb Club’s vision of being a responsible supply side organization recognized for leadership, adding value, and positively impacting the jewelry industry,” said Michael Lerche, Plumb Club president. “We strongly believe that any jewelry retailer who buys product from a non-RJC member is taking a very serious and unnecessary risk. Buying product from a Plumb Club member will greatly mitigate that risk.”

“The Plumb Club’s actions set a clear leadership example for other trade associations and member organizations within the jewelry industry. The Plumb Club’s model of cascading RJC membership through its members is a model for other associations to confidently follow,” said David Bouffard, chair of the Responsible Jewellery Council. “At the RJC, we believe that building consumer confidence is not only important for the future of our industry, but is also an imperative that can be acted on today by joining the RJC.”

Both Lerche and Bouffard called for all current and perspective RJC association members to cascade RJC membership throughout their organizations.

“Having a standardized universal code of practices throughout our industry that the retailer, consumer and even our government, can rely upon to guarantee that these products are the most responsibly sourced and ethically produced in the marketplace is critical. Today, we call on the entire jewelry industry to support the Responsible Jewellery Council and work with us in finding a way for every supplier and retailer in our industry to become a member,” said Lerche.

“As Chair of the RJC, I ask other trade associations within our industry to follow the leadership of The Plumb Club: require your members to join the RJC,” exclaimed Bouffard. “The RJC has a team ready and willing to help your organization develop its own model of cascading RJC membership.”

All certified members of the RJC are able to point their customers and business partners to the RJC’s publicly available Code of Practices to validate how the products they buy and sell are responsibly sourced. The RJC verifies its Code of Practices through full membership of the ISEAL Alliance. RJC members must become certified against the Code of Practices through a third party, independent, certification process. The RJC Code is aligned with international standards from the Organisation of Economic Co-Operation and Development and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information about The Plumb Club, visit For more information about the Responsible Jewelry Council, visit

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Leaders Honored at JNA Awards 2019

16 were honored as recipients across 11 award categories.




(PRESS RELEASE) HONG KONG – The eighth annual JNA Awards ended on a high note and was well attended by industry dignitaries and trade leaders in Hong Kong on 17 September.

Organized by Informa Markets, the awards celebrates and recognizes entrepreneurs and companies that set high standards for excellence, innovation, and outstanding business performance. A total of 45 Honorees were feted this evening for their notable accomplishments in the past year. Among them, 16 were honored as recipients across 11 award categories by a highly-respected and experienced panel of judges.

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Video: Use This Low-Tech Secret to Bring More Jewelry Customers Through Your Door

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Video: How to Greet Jewelry Customers Without Sounding Like a Salesperson

Video: How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts in Your Work as a Jeweler
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Video: How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts in Your Work as a Jeweler

Three outstanding leaders from the retail sector, Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, Hung Ming Li and Wang Chun Li are the recipients of this year’s highest accolade, the Lifetime Achievement Award. These are exceptional leaders well-known for their instrumental roles in transforming and shaping the retail landscape in their respective field and region.

The 16 Award Recipients across 11 categories are:

Brand of the Year – Retail
Shenzhen Sunfeel Jewelry Co Ltd – China

Supplier of the Year
Kapu Gems – India

Industry Innovation of the Year
3a. Industry Innovation of the Year – Diamond Identification
Diamond Services Ltd – Hong Kong

3b. Industry Innovation of the Year – Jewelry Manufacturing Technology
3D Kaiente Jewelry Co Ltd – China

3c. Industry Innovation of the Year – Production Technology
Sahajanand Technologies Pvt Ltd – India
Shenzhen Future Wisdom Jewelry Co Ltd – China

Manufacturer of the Year – Cutting & Polishing – Creativity & Innovation
China Stone Co Ltd – Thailand

Manufacturer of the Year – Jewelry
Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group Ltd – Hong Kong

Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – China
DECENT Gold Group Co Ltd – China

Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – Countries/Regions outside of China and India
FRANK & co – Indonesia

Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – India
H.K. Designs – India

Retailer of the Year
Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited – Hong Kong
Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company – Vietnam

Sustainability Initiative of the Year
Shenzhen Xingguangda Jewelry Industrial Co Ltd – China

Young Entrepreneur of the Year (age 40 and below)
Abhay Chordia, Ashok Jewels – India
Angelina Lau, SK Jewelry Group – Singapore

Letitia Chow, chairperson of the JNA Awards, and director of business development – Jewelry Group at Informa Markets, said, “Tonight, we are celebrating a milestone in the jewelry and gemstone trade. These companies have demonstrated that with perseverance and forward-thinking, even in times of challenges, our industry can adapt, transform and continue to make positive impacts to the growth of the business. For that, they truly deserve our sincere congratulations and applause.”

Commented on the 2019 JNA Awards, James Courage, one of the principal judges of the awards remarked, “With increased interest in the Awards, the quality and scope of the entries have increased; hence the judges endeavor to follow up with submissions and clarify, where appropriate, on paper and in-person to ensure comprehension and understanding of the joint judging process and a clear insight into each entry.”

Albert Cheng, one of the principal judges of the awards shared, “It was proven to me, during this year’s due diligence visits to the Awards’ entrants, that the passion of the founders and the way they communicate their visions to their customers via their staff and products or services determine the successes of the brands and companies. I am very proud to honor and recognize these successful entrepreneurs through the JNA Awards.”

Kent Wong, managing director of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group remarked, “This year marks the 90th anniversary of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group, as well as our eighth consecutive year as a Headline Partner of the JNA Awards. Throughout these years, we are honored to have grown with the JNA Awards and witnessed the continuous breakthroughs in the industry.”

Lin Qiang, president & managing director of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and one of the awards judges shared, “With the JNA Awards gaining increasing recognition and influence since its inception, the 2019 JNA Awards has reached an unprecedented high. To be able to stand out as an Honoree among the entrants is no easy feat, and to eventually become a Recipient shows that one is indeed the cream of the crop. All of them have achieved great accomplishments and I am sincerely happy for them.”

Kenneth Scarratt, CEO of DANAT concluded, “It is a tremendous honor for DANAT to be involved with the JNA Awards once again in 2019; a celebration of all that is great with our amazing gem and jewelry industry. Indeed, we are at awe, once again, with the organization that goes into the preparations, the determination that goes into the judging, and the extraordinary quality of the Recipients.”

In addition to Headline Partners Chow Tai Fook, Shanghai Diamond Exchange and DANAT, the JNA Awards is supported by Honored Partners KGK Group, China Gems & Jade Exchange, and Guangdong Land Holdings Limited.

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Jewelers of America Announces Recipient of the GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement

It will be held on January 10, 2020.




Ed Bridge

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, and the GEM Awards Committee have announced that Ed Bridge, chairman emeritus of Ben Bridge Jeweler, Inc., will be the recipient of the GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 18th annual GEM Awards on Friday, January 10, 2020, at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.

The GEM Awards gala honors the outstanding achievements of individuals or companies whose work raises the visibility and status of fine jewelry and watches. Bridge is receiving the 2020 GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement for his dedication to Ben Bridge and the jewelry industry throughout the course of his career.

“Ed has undoubtedly increased the professionalism for the jewelry industry. His commitment to his family business is unwavering and his leadership on the boards of so many jewelry industry associations has been immensely appreciated by all those who benefit from his contributions,” says JA President & CEO David J. Bonaparte. “It is a privilege to be able to present this GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement to everyone’s friend, Mr. Ed Bridge.”

Ed Bridge is the Chairman Emeritus of Ben Bridge Jeweler, Inc., a family managed retail jewelry business founded in Seattle in 1912. The company has over 90 stores throughout the Western United States and Canada. Ed was President / Co-CEO from 1990 – 2017 and Chairman / CEO from 2018 – 2019. Ben Bridge Jeweler was sold to Warren Buffett in 2000 and remains part of Berkshire Hathaway. Ed has served on many industry boards, including Jewelers for Children (Past Board Chair), Jewelers of America (Past Board Chair), Jewelers Vigilance Committee & Jewelry Information Center. He was inducted into the National Jeweler “Retailer Hall of Fame” in 2003 and was awarded the American Gem Society Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, along with the Bridge family.

In addition to the GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement, Jeweler of America will be announcing the other GEM Award Nominees soon. For details on GEM Awards, to purchase tickets, or to show your support for Ed Bridge through sponsorships and the GEM Awards Journal, visit

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