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Jeweler Graff Hit By Ransomware Hackers

Celebrities’ personal data has been leaked following the attack on the London “jeweler to the stars.”




Hackers have hit London high-society jeweler Graff with a ransomware attack.

The attackers “plundered the personal details of world leaders, Hollywood A-listers and billionaire tycoons in a massive ‘virtual heist,'” the Daily Mail reports. They’re reported to have leaked nearly 70,000 files, including data related to Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and David Beckham, onto the dark web.

It’s believed that Russian gang Conti is responsible for the incident and is demanding “tens of millions of dollars to decrypt the Graff systems and prevent further sensitive information from being released,” Security Boulevard reports.

The data of about 11,000 clients is believed to be involved. The hackers claim that the data released so far represents only 1 percent of what they took. Examples of documents released so far include receipts and credit notes.

A Graff spokesperson confirmed to Rapaport News that the company was the target of “a sophisticated — though limited — cyberattack by professional and determined criminals.”

The breach mainly involved “basic, publicly available data,” Rapaport News reports, citing a source close to the jewelry company.


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