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Jewelers Actually Found New Customers in These 10 Strange Places

‘During labor,’ for example.




Potential customers are just about everywhere, as many jewelers can attest.

For Big Survey 2017, we asked, “What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever picked up a sales lead?” We were amazed at the variety of answers we received.

Below are some of the more interesting responses. You can see all the results of the 2017 Big Survey in the October edition of INSTORE.

On an airplane or at the airport lounge.

“I lost luggage and another woman did, too; we bonded at the airport and she is now a good client.”

While getting medical treatment.

“During labor, the anesthesiologist giving my epidural noticed my employer is a jewelry store and went in that day and purchased a gift for his wife.”

In the wilds.

“I put a message in a bottle while fishing offshore in Nantucket. Two months later, I got a phone call from a woman from Wisconsin. She found the bottle on Cape Cod and purchased a diamond and custom-made ring!”

While shopping for food.

“I cannot tell you how many leads I have gotten or repairs I have taken in on my weekly grocery shopping trip! The produce area seems to be a hot spot!”

On vacation.

“Standing in line at Space Mountain. Resulted in an $80K sale.” (Honorable mention: “A customer who told us he was referred at a swim-up bar in the Dominican Republic by a guy sitting next to him.”)

Playing sports, particularly golf but oddly, also hockey.

“After making a save, the guy said I played like a ‘jewelery bandit’ and I told him I am a jeweler. After the game, he came and asked if I sold engagement rings. Made the sale.”


“Funerals lead to a lot of probate work.”

At a bar/restaurant.

“I frequent a certain restaurant and always sit at the bar. Six of the regulars have become clients.”

At a pro sports event/ music concert.

“Sat next to a darling couple at an NBA game. When I asked how long they had been married, they said they had been dating eight years. Told him, “You better marry her” and handed him a business card. He called me the next day and ordered a 2.50 carat brilliant round sight unseen. He said he just needed a little push and I was the one who pushed!”

Public bathroom.

“No need to tell them I’m a store owner when they compliment my ring while washing my hands, just tell them I had it custom-made at (insert store name). That way, they don’t feel it’s out of reach because I got a big discount as an owner.”

Other popular spots included the hair or nail salon, church, gym, casino table and local coffee shop.

And then there were the ones that were truly impressive acts of salesmanship, such as to an IRS agent, in an elevator, at a cattle auction, at a grief group, “wrong telephone number on a collection call,” to the wife’s ex-boyfriend, to a responding EMT officer, and perhaps best of all, “in a competitor’s store.”

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