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Big Survey

Jewelers Cite ‘Time’ as Asset in Shortest Supply

But some feel rich all around.




WHEN ASKED WHERE they felt the poorest, nearly 67 percent of jewelers said they could do with more time.

Explained one: “Time to enjoy hobbies and other interests in life.”

Another said, “I wish we had more to spend with the family.”

On a more positive note, slightly less than 7 percent said they were poor when it came to either money or friends.

One jeweler, in a more practical lament, claimed to be poorest when it came to “good employees with strong worth ethics that want to grow professionally.”

Some respondents rejected the question.


“I feel very rich all around,” said one. “I don’t [feel poor]. I feel blessed,” said another.

“What a crappy question. Yeesh,” said one annoyed respondent who is apparently wanting for nothing.

The 2021 Big Survey was carried out between August and September, attracting more than 600 anonymous responses from owners of independent jewelry stores across the United States and Canada. The full results will be published in the upcoming November issue of INSTORE.

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