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Jewelers Leave a Single-Sentence Instruction for Employees

The Big Survey asked what they would say to employees if they left for a year.




THIS YEAR’S BIG SURVEY asked respondents, “If you had to take a year away from your store and could only leave a one-sentence instruction for your employees, what would it be?” The answers ranged from wise to direct to humorous. And quite a few said their instruction would be “Call me!”, which seemed a bit like cheating to us. Here is a selection of other responses.

  • “Do what you love and it will never be work.”
  • “Treat every customer like you would want your mother to be treated.”
  • “Please don’t let the store burn down.”
  • “Remember to make customers, not sales.”
  • “Don’t forget to feed my frogs.”
  • “You all know what you’re doing, keep doing it.”
  • “May God help you.”
  • “Kick ass and it will be reflected in your paychecks.”
  • “Put your phones down!”
  • “Make sure the customer is happier when they leave the store than when they came in.”
  • “Open up, sell, lock up and repeat.”
  • “Do the right thing, say what you’ll do, and do what you say.”
  • “Please don’t let my children starve.”
  • “Behave yourselves but have fun, too.”
  • “Don’t f— around.”
  • “You only get one chance to make a good impression.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “Don’t call me.”



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