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Jewelers Show Mixed Results in January Sales

40 percent were up, but 37 percent were down year-over-year.




Flower ring in 18K rose gold with diamonds and emeralds from the Simon G.
Flower ring in 18K rose gold with diamonds and emeralds from the Simon G. Inspired by Nature collection, $3,630,

Lab-grown diamonds from Classic Grown and fashion jewelry from Simon G. Trevor W., Myerstown, PA

Top-selling jewelry brands in January

Stuller (5), Allison-Kaufman (3), Rolex (3), Gabriel & Co. (2), Hearts On Fire (2)

*Brands mentioned by at least two of 98 respondents.

  • Pearls — single pearl pendants and strands, but not round Akoyas. We have no idea what drives the marketplace at any given moment, but we are noticing a lot more interesting pearl jewelry on Instagram, so maybe people are seeing pearls aren’t just for clutching in a crisis. — Gretchen S., Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Smaller items — $200-$300 — but number of items was up 67 percent. — Tim B., Rice Lake, WI
  • Permanent jewelry. Revelation lab diamonds. — Brenda H., Hickory, NC
  • Fire and Ice Diamonds and bridal. It is the best diamond out there, and we always show our best product first. — Jim C., Modesto, CA
  • Nothing really stood out. We had some exchanges from Christmas sales that worked out for the better, and we had some decent watch sales with Omega leading the way. Our month ended on a good note with a nice ruby ring sale and a Serafino Consoli ring/bracelet sale that pushed us over last year’s numbers for January. Felt like a slower month, but it worked out. — Marc M., Midland, TX
  • We did some nice styles in aquamarine and our customers jumped on it. We didn’t have to wait till March for attention to the gemstone. — Alex W., Torrance, CA
  • Custom restyling was huge this month! Also, upgrading wedding sets with bigger, lab-grown diamonds from M. Geller. Beth C., Dublin, OH
  • Lab-created diamonds, Tacori and Fana bridal, as well as custom. — Michael R., Hamden, CT
  • Custom from Overnight Mountings, diamond studs (both natural and lab) from IDD, and silver with color from Italgem. — W.J. S., Franklin, VA

Monthly SALES Survey

How Were Sales Last Month Compared to January 2022?

WAY UP 25% OR MORE: 13%
UP: 27%
SAME: 24%
DOWN: 24%

Total Brain Squad Responses: 146

  • Our best-sellers in January were lab-grown diamonds in stud earrings, engagement rings/mountings by Parade Design, and straight-line bracelets. — Laura S., Indianapolis, IN
  • ArtCarved bridal, Rembrandt Charms, Carla earrings. — Eileen E., Decatur, IN
  • Actually, no brands per se, but repairs! Lots and lots of sizings and things people dredged up from their homes that all of a sudden need to be fixed! — Mary Jo C., Rutland, VT
  • We had one of the all-time best Januarys! It was crazy with diamond sales in both loose diamonds that we set and custom designs! — Annette K., Stillwater, OK
  • Fancy colored diamonds made up some big-ticket items and Ashi diamond and gold jewelry made up a chunk of mid-range sales this month. — Kyle B., Roswell, NM
  • Penny Preville and Gabriel & Co. had a good January. — Jon W., Virginia Beach, VA
  • Ostbye, Vivaan, Meredith Young, Eden Presley. Yellow gold is far outselling white, and platinum has remained strong. — Andrea R., El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Diamond rings — Eliza Page bridal, Jennie Kwon, Dilamani, Stuller. — Kathleen S., Austin, TX 

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