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Jewelry for the Bridesmaid Brigade

Jewelry for the
Bridesmaid Brigade

As the days get longer, sunnier and warmer, one thing is abundantly clear…wedding season is approaching. Though it will likely be of the socially distanced variety again this year, some wedding traditions have existed since time immemorial and can be counted on come what may: brides will be radiant, grooms dashing and bridesmaids will complain about their dresses and never wear them ever again. For doing their duty in yards of floaty pastel fabric the last of these deserve endless gratitude from the couples they celebrate. The gift of jewelry that will get lots of mileage in their wardrobes after the big day is the answer. A carefully chosen piece will not only serve as an accessory to accompany their wedding day outfit (and be a happy reminder of the event) but also take them through spring, summer and beyond.