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Six Jewelry Gift Ideas for Business Clients

The ideal business gift seals a business relationship without burdening the balance sheet.




GIVING GIFTS to clients and business associates requires a delicate balance. The ideal present is friendly, but not too personal — functional, but not dull. Any of these options will be a memorable way to seal a business relationship, and without burdening the balance sheet.


CATEGORY: USB crystalline memory stick

TELL ’EM THIS: It’s always a treat to take something utilitarian and give it a sense of fun. These portable, bedazzled USB sticks hold tons of data, but are as much fun as a frivolous accessory.

WHO’S IT FOR: Sparkle aficionados

MSRP: $59 each

(888) 207-9873 |


CATEGORY: Matte silver decision maker

TELL ’EM THIS: Think of this little gadget as the contemporary answer to the Magic 8 Ball. It’s a fun desktop toy for moments when it’s tough to figure out what to do. Spin the dial and it will offer advice with options like, “pass the buck” or “sit on it.”

WHO’S IT FOR: Indecisive associates

MSRP: $25

(212) 685-5308 |


CATEGORY: Mini digital photo frame

TELL ’EM THIS: Sure, a smartphone holds hundreds of pictures — that doesn’t stop anyone from wanting photos of friends and family on display. This digital frame can display up to 30 images. You can add your logo to the front of the frame, too.

WHO’S IT FOR: Photo gazers

MSRP: $29.99

(626) 357-9999 |



CATEGORY: Titanium multi-tool collar stays

TELL ’EM THIS: MacGyver would have had a field day with these collar stays. Yes, they keep a collar upright, but they’re also tools that can open a bottle, turn a screw or cut a thread.

WHO’S IT FOR: Well dressed adventure seekers

MSRP: $50


CATEGORY: Silver-plated business card holder

TELL ’EM THIS: It’s a digital world, but every businessperson still carries cards. An elegant case to store them is preferable to rummaging through pockets to find one. A cheeky engraving that reads “let’s do lunch,” shows a sense of humor.

WHO’S IT FOR: A polished pro

MSRP: $20

(866) 999-5283 |


CATEGORY: Carbon fiber rollerball pen

TELL ’EM THIS: Stumped for what to give? No one will ever be disappointed by a well-appointed pen. It’s composed of ultra light carbon fiber, so that it’s not a chore to carry around. Engrave the recipient’s name so it doesn’t feel nondescript.

WHO’S IT FOR: Anyone. It’s a one size fits all solution.

MSRP: $25.99

(800) 972-3691 |

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 edition of INSTORE.

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