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Six Thoughtful Jewelry Gift Ideas for New Parents

Here are some thoughtful mementos perfect for celebrating new life.




EXPECTANT PARENTS HAVE their hands full preparing for the arrival of an infant. Suddenly, they’re inundated with researching car seats and babyproofing every fathomable surface. Welcoming a new member to the family requires more than necessities, though. Family and friends have the luxury of giving thoughtful mementos to celebrate the occasion.

Six Thoughtful Jewelry Gift Ideas for New Parents


RATTLE: Sterling silver heart rattle

TELL ’EM THIS: This gorgeous gift probably shouldn’t linger in a crib, but it’s a precious keepsake for special moments, like a christening or family portrait. Without a doubt, it will be passed down through generations. Engrave it with a name or birthdate for a personal touch.

WHO’S IT FOR: Heirloom enthusiasts

MSRP: $119.99

(888) 579-7254 |


BRACELET: Open baby cuff in sterling silver with sapphires

TELL ’EM THIS: You know what they say: “Kids grow up so fast.” This silver birthstone bracelet can adjust to growth spurts — for a while, at least. When squeezed closed completely the cuff will fit a newborn, and it expands to tween size.

WHO’S IT FOR: Petite, pre-teen people

MSRP: $135

(718) 387-4618 |


FRAME: Ceramic bunny photo frame

TELL ’EM THIS: Yes, most parents will have tons of pictures of their new baby stored on smartphones, but how many have they bothered to print out? An adorable frame is extra incentive to give a favorite photo a permanent home.

WHO’S IT FOR: Instagram obsessives

MSRP: $53

(530) 824-3800 |



SNOW GLOBE: Sweet Dreams silver-plated snow globe

TELL ’EM THIS: Winding this musical gift plays perfect bedtime tune Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Even when silent the adorable snow globe makes a pretty decoration, plus the gender neutral colors will suit the nursery of a girl or boy

WHO’S IT FOR: Lullaby lovers

MSRP: $60

(800) 223-4311 |


JEWELRY SET: Bezelset matching earrings and pendant in sterling silver and cubic zirconia (also available in 14K)

TELL ’EM THIS: Little ones are even more fascinated by color and sparkle than grown-ups. This matched set of jewelry is the perfect scale for junior collectors.

WHO’S IT FOR: Colorcoordinated kiddies

MSRP: $90

(800) 451-1515 |


BABY CUP: Pewter teddy bear cup

TELL ’EM THIS: Mealtime with a little kid can be a messy, decidedly unglamorous affair. Upgrade the daily dining routine with a beautiful pewter cup. It’s never too early to give eating a sense of occasion.

WHO’S IT FOR: Budding foodies

MSRP: $22.50

(800) 648-2014 |

This article originally appeared in the April 2016 edition of INSTORE.



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