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John Hardy Launches Debut Collection by Hollie Bonneville Barden




It’s ‘inspired by the spirit of Naga.’

(Press Release) Luxury artisan jewelry brand John Hardy is presenting the first collection under new Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden.INSTORE JohnHardy

Elemental force meets elegant form in this re-interpretation the brand’s legendary icon, Naga, inspired by the raw power and strength of nature. This celebration of the power of creation and Naga as a symbol of nature formed the overarching concept for the season, which also features new iterations of the brand’s iconic Chain, Dot and Bamboo collections.

Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden, who took the helm in 2016, is the first woman to embody the role for John Hardy. Describing her design process for the collection, she notes, “My exploration of Naga was, in a way, a unique journey of discovering Bali. Through my creative process, I uncovered that, beyond the Naga myth, Balinese folklore depicts the Naga as an embodiment of different natural spirits—the earth, the ocean and the sky, representing the elements of natural phenomena and its raw beauty. To me, this concept of duality is universal.”

The collection prominently showcases stones such as golden sheen sapphire, silver sheen obsidian, and bi-color amethyst as the ultimate symbols of nature’s elemental strength, transmitted to the wearer. Bonneville Barden notes, “I selected the stones not just for their suggestion of power, drama, the fascination of light and color—but the power of creation they represent. I wanted to show nature’s strength through creation.”

The entire design process was heavily influenced by Bonneville Barden’s collaboration with the John Hardy artisans. “Working closely with the brand’s artisans helped me grasp a greater understanding of the spirit of Naga in artwork and carved expression. I’ve found that carving is one of the strongest and most important ties between myself and the artisan community.”

The duality and juxtaposition of power and grace in the John Hardy woman is celebrated in the eternal motion of the shapes in the collection – coiling and expanding, strengthening and softening.


The collection is available worldwide at select retailers and at this fall.

Design Hallmarks of the John Hardy Fall 2017 Collection:

  • Creation: Each piece is visual and tactile, creating excitement through sculptural details. The stones in particular have a play of light, telling a story of elemental force.
  • Harmony: There is a fundamental respect for nature’s balance throughout the collection. The cycle of life is key to the Naga story, and is evident in the collection through the use of tapered circles, illustrating infinite motion and emotion and a sense of rebirth. The Naga’s Blue sapphire eyes bring the spirit of the sky and ocean to life, and scroll-like engravings represent the waves of the sea. Shapes in the bracelet links resemble leaves.
  • Transformation: Each piece should take the wearer on a journey, reflective of the transformative power of
    the elements – an ethereal experience.
  • Duality: Unexpected combinations like silver with black sapphires add to the distinction of the pieces, illustrating the duality of the John Hardy woman: power and grace, tension and ease, strength and softness.

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