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Judge the Jewels: Chloë Sevigny’s High-Stakes Five Snake Bulgari Moment

The look represents some noteworthy trends.




The sighting: Actress Chloë Sevigny appeared on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival wearing a daring black gown and a quartet of iconic Bulgari Serpenti jewels.

The jewels: Sevigny is known for her edgy, surprising style and the actress did not disappoint here. She’s wearing a glamorous gold Bulgari Serpenti snake necklace; an equally glorious gold, diamond, and gemstone Bulgari Serpenti snake bracelet; a gold and diamond Bulgari Serpenti snake ring; AND a pair of Bulgari Serpenti earrings. (That’s four jewels and five snakes total, for anyone keeping count.) The necklace and the bracelet appear to have sapphire eyes while the bracelet also appears to have further gems as embellishment along the body.

Thanks to The Adventurine for spotting those Serpenti earrings! I initially assumed this was only a three-snake situation, but I was delighted to learn that it’s more.

The trends: This multi-snake moment is noteworthy for its uniqueness, but it actually also represents some noteworthy trends: matching red carpet jewelry and, of course, the snake itself as a motif. Snakes are sinuous and seductive and romantic and powerful and a little bit dangerous; a witchy, gothic combination of traits that fits very well with current styles.

What do we think? Between my love of antique jewelry motifs (like snakes) and my love of classic Hollywood glamour and interesting red carpet jewelry choices, I adore this multi-Serpenti moment for about 12 different reasons. Each piece is glamorous and interesting and worthy of Venice all on its own, but the combination of all five snakes together makes this a powerful and gorgeous statement.

One could argue that this is just too many snakes and some simpler pieces were needed for balance…but I disagree. It’s glorious!

Judgement: 15/10 for daring deployment of an exceptionally elegant snake quintet.

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