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Judge the Jewels: Do We Like Melanie Lynskey’s Pink on Pink on Pink?




The sighting: Actress Melanie Lynskey attended the 2022 HCA TV Awards, where she was lauded for her performance in Yellowjackets. Her outfit was very pink…perhaps too pink?

The jewels: Lynskey is wearing a necklace with a large carved hardstone flower pendant. The gorgeous flower features a reddish-pink gemstone center and is by Irene Neuwirth, as the actress kindly confirmed for me in an Instagram comment. She’s also wearing a vivid spherical green ring that looks like it could be jade, a gemstone cluster ring with pink stones of varying shades, and a bracelet that looks to be pink gemstones with pearls.

The actress’s earrings are hard to see, but the appear to be large studs of interestingly geometric design, with a pale pink gemstone with a morganite hue accented diamonds.

The trends: Pink is hot hot hot and this look certainly goes hard on that hue. The choice of a few larger statement pieces rather than stacks of smaller pieces also reflects recent red carpet trends, while the carved hardstone flower accurately reflects the high level of interest we’ve seen recently in statement gemstone pieces.

What do we think? Pink is my favorite color. I consider it to be a neutral that goes with almost anything. I’m writing this while wearing a pink shirt with pink flowers, saving this draft with a click on my pink mouse, which sits on a pink mousepad. I frequently wear multiple shades of pink together. I should LOVE this…but it’s just not quite clicking for me. What’s going wrong?

The necklace is a little too short for the neckline. If the flower were two inches lower, it would face out more than up and we’d be able to see it better. I detest those unnecessary strings flying loose from the actress’ shoulders, but that’s the dress’s fault, not the jewelry’s fault. I definitely like the pink cluster ring and I love the pop of green.

I think I’m craving more contrast: can you imagine how gorgeous it would have been to see that flower in a carved pale blue calcedony or green amazonite? Yes. I want the flower to be a cool color hardstone with a cool center stone, and I want the actress to maybe be wearing earrings to match either the cool hardstone flower or the vivid green ring. That would make it sing.

Judgement: 7.5/10 for great elements that need tweaking.

What do YOU think?


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