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Judge the Jewels: Elle Fanning Channels Kings and Queens with This Red Carpet Suit, Pink Cartier and Vintage Cufflinks

The contrast of petal-pale shades with the sharpness of the suit is glorious.




Photos from Instagram.

The sighting: The Great’s Elle Fanning walked the SAG Awards red carpet in custom Gucci with big Marlene Dietrich vibes. The actress accessorized her suit with a selection of luscious jewelry in pink and white.

The jewels: The showstopper here is the Cartier necklace. A diamond chain suspends a delectable pink pear-shaped morganite drop, which sparkles tantalizingly beneath the folds of Fanning’s bowtie. The actress is also wearing a selection of Pasquale Bruni flower rings and a pair of vintage Harry Winston pearl and diamond cufflinks from Beladora.

The trends: The major trend here is the defiance of the gender roles traditionally assigned to the elements of this outfit. An ethereal actress with flowing blonde tresses in as sharp suit, complete with vest and bowtie, all rendered in soft, delicate colors and paired with sequined pants, a pink necklace, flower rings, and sparkling cufflinks? Every aspect of this outfit shimmers with subtle defiance of how actresses are told they’re supposed to dress.

What do we think? I’m usually a fan of pronounced color contrast. I dislike neutrals, especially on the red carpet, and neutrals on neutrals is even worse. But that said…I think I love this?

I would normally have wanted emeralds or onyx or sapphires with this pale ensemble, but this pink on pink on pink is winning me over. The contrast of petal-pale shades with the sharpness of the suit is just glorious, especially since it’s a traditionally male ensemble rendered in a very feminine colorway. It could have been boring, but instead it feels fresh, surprising, and thoughtful.

Judgement: 12/10 for making me love a color combo I would have expected to hate


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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