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Judge the Jewels: Isabeli Fontana Doubles Up on Spectacular Sculptural Elsa Jin Brooches

These brooches have a strong feel of surrealism about them.




The sighting: Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana caught my eye on the Cannes red carpet last year when she wore a glorious brooch by Elsa Jin. This year, Fontana raised the stakes by wearing TWO substantial Elsa Jin brooches at the same time.

The jewels: Every Elsa Jin piece I’ve ever seen has been a work of art, and the two brooches that Isabeli Fontana just rocked at Cannes are both extraordinary examples of this jeweler’s jaw-dropping oeuvre.

Elsa Jin posted details about these two masterpieces on her Instagram, so we have all the specifics! The brooch in Fontana’s hair is called “Beauty” and it features a Melo pearl of 63.864 carats (!!!) accented by blue sapphires (85.09 TCW), pink sapphires (103.76 TCW), and both white and yellow diamonds (77.39 TCW).

Do you need a minute to catch your breath after those carat counts? I do. Holy moly.

The second brooch, the darker piece adorning Fontana’s bodice, is Elisa Jin’s “Mozi” brooch. This piece features a Tahiti peacock green black pearl 34.99 carats surrounded by black diamonds (221.07 TCW), gray diamonds (7.07 TCW), and emeralds (1.80 TCW).

The trends: We’ve seen a lot of brooches on red carpets lately, both on lapels and as hair accessories! The trend was noticeable at the Met Gala in early May and has also been evident now at Cannes; two events that are considered to attract the crème del a crème of fashion.

These brooches are both so gloriously OTT that they have a strong feel of surrealism about them, another burgeoning trend that I see gaining traction.

What do we think? This look could be straight out of a high fashion event on a glamorous alien planet – and I mean that as an enormous compliment. These two jewels are so unusual and breathtaking that they feel otherworldly.

This look isn’t going to be accessible to the average jewelry shopper, but I absolutely love the boldness and embracing of truly abstract and remarkable high jewelry for the red carpet.

I would like all other famous people everywhere to refer to this look when planning the jewelry for their next major appearance. Go big or go home, celebs.

Judgement: 4,000/10 for this haute jollaire dream.

What do YOU think?


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