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Judge the Jewels: Jamie Lee Curtis Stays True to a Favorite Jeweler at the Golden Globes

The major trends appear here: choosing bracelets over necklaces, sticking to all white diamonds, and going with understated jewelry.





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The sighting: Actress Jamie Lee Curtis recently attended the Golden Globes in a dramatic black gown with a lace cape and diamond jewels.

The jewels: Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing Cathy Waterman Swirl Earrings, a pair of matched Cathy Waterman Reverso Cuffs, and her own personal Cathy Waterman Love Ring. While not an intentionally matched set, the designs are all elegant openwork designs with diamonds in platinum.

The trends: The major trends of the night are all in evidence here: choosing bracelets over necklaces, sticking to all white diamonds, and going with understated jewelry.

What do we think? At first glance, I thought these earrings were too subtle and that the choice to forego colored gems with this neutral outfit was a missed opportunity.

The longer I considered, the more I started to love this look. The openwork cuffs and the lace cape complement other to create an ethereal universe of delicate, shifting patterns; an effect that feels like an homage to the complicated interwoven realities of Everything Everywhere All at Once, Curtis’ nominated movie.

I also love what this jewelry choice represents. Celebrities nominated for awards often accept paid jewelry placements from the same few major brands, but Curtis chose Cathy Waterman instead: a designer the actress refers to as a friend on social media, whose pieces she owns and frequently wears.

I still wish the earrings were juuuust a little bit less subtle, but this is a beautiful and on-theme look from an actress who’s on a hot streak but still chose to stay true to her own sense of style and represent a friend on the red carpet.

Judgement: 13/10 for subtle brilliance with fantastic meaning behind it

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