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Judge the Jewels: Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Stop Wearing This Vintage Dior Necklace

It’s clear that we’ve found the actress’s current favorite piece of jewelry.




The sighting: I first spotted this turquoise necklace on Jennifer Lawrence in this photo of the actress going for a summer stroll with her husband, Cooke Maroney. Here, Lawrence pairs the piece with a charm necklace that displays her husband’s initials. It’s a wonderful, casual moment and I figured both necklaces were probably personal pieces.

Shortly afterwards, I came across J Law rocking the same neckmess with a black cocktail dress on her way to an evening event. She loves these necklaces enough to wear them in her downtime and to an evening event? This got my attention.

I went to the Jennifer Lawrence fan accounts for more. (Pro tip: specific celebrity fan accounts are a deep dark corner of the internet and not for the faint of heart.) But they had what I needed! Here was Lawrence wearing the turquoise necklace with black tee. There she threw it on with a black tank and workout leggings. Here it is accessorizing a casual dress. And everywhere, shots of her wearing the turquoise necklace paired with still other charms on a long chain during a recent interview with Vogue magazine.

It’s clear that we’ve found the actress’s current favorite piece of jewelry.

The jewels: The necklace in question is a vintage Dior piece that Jennifer Lawrence acquired from NYC designer vintage shop Vintage Grace. It’s described on the store’s Instagram as gold and turquoise, but it’s not specified if this particular necklace is solid gold or gold-plated (vintage Dior can go either way).

The trends: We’ve seen a lot of celebs wearing vintage designer costume jewelry lately, especially from the 1980s-early 2000’s. I’m still not positive if this piece is costume or not, but it definitely carries the vibe of that moment.

The way that Lawrence likes to style this piece as the anchor for a two-necklace neckmess – the second piece almost always being a longer chain with charms – also feels very of the moment. Sentimental charms and necklace layering are two trends that aren’t going anywhere yet.

Judgement: 13/10 for a great piece worn in interesting ways. I love seeing a celeb repeat a favorite jewel.

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