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Judge the Jewels: Ke Huy Quan’s Perfectly Curated Brooches

The look is quietly brilliant – and not just in the aesthetics.




The sighting: Actor Ke Huy Quan attended the 2023 Academy Awards, where he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. In my humble opinion, he also deserves the award for Best Supporting Brooches.

The jewels: Ke Huy Quan wore two brooches from Fred Leighton for the occasion.
The first was an antique pansy brooch, circa 1900, with diamonds and black velvet petals set in platinum. The second was a platinum Fred Leighton lapel pin with a 2.50 ct lozenge-shaped diamond.

The trends: Man brooches were everywhere at the 2023 Oscars! And it’s not just celebrities who are getting into the brooch fun. Here’s Nicole Corsini, of Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry, on their customers’ demand for brooches:

“Over this last year, Lang Antiques has sold twice as many brooches as we did 5 years ago and our search impressions as well as unique users have almost doubled! I think the look has taken off because it gives men a way to wear jewelry that still feels somewhat traditional – similar to a membership lapel pin or a flower in their buttonhole – only fancier.”

What do we think? Ke Huy Quan’s brooch moment is tied with Sandra Oh’s vintage Harry Winston necklace for my favorite jewelry look from the 2023 Oscars. This one is subtle, but it’s quietly brilliant – and not just in the aesthetics.

Warning: mild spoilers for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Both the pansy brooch and the diamond lozenge brooch are extraordinary on their own. The pansy is exquisite in its restraint and pleasantly shocking with its texture, while the lozenge is thrilling in its spare geometry and clean lines. The pansy is both literally and figuratively soft, while the lozenge is spare and unyielding.

It’s a beautiful visual juxtaposition. But more than that, it’s a powerful metaphor for Ke Huy Quan’s character in the movie, whose greatest strength is his softness.

Judgement: 2000/10 for two perfect brooches combined perfectly.


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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