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Judge the Jewels: Kesha Wears Personalized Elisa Solomon Necklaces to Honor Her Cats

Because fur babies deserve a place of honor.




Photo from Kesha’s Instagram

The sighting: Singer-songwriter Kesha posted a pensive Instagram selfie that gave us a good view of her two new Elisa Solomon necklaces, which the artist loves so much that she called them “unreal.”

The jewels: Kesha is wearing Elisa Solomon’s Flower ID necklace in sterling silver with blue sapphires and in yellow gold with diamonds. The pendants are both engraved, each personalized with the name of one of Kesha’s cats.

The trends: Sentimental, personalized jewelry is a perennial favorite, one that has been extra popular for the past few years. It makes sense that times of trouble (like an extended global pandemic) would make people crave touchstones that remind them of the people that they love the most.

Engraved pieces are usually personalized with reminders of other humans – children, parents, spouses, etc. – but I absolutely love the idea of expanding that trend to include pets. Because why not? People love their pets and fur babies deserve a place of honor too.

What do we think? I adore this for many reasons, and not just because I’m a longtime fan of both Kesha’s music and Elisa Solomon’s jewelry. The slender pendants with their sprinkles of gemstone flowers are so pretty and I bet
Kesha smiles every time she wakes up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P Diddy and then puts on necklaces that honor her kitties.

Also, I love a celebrity who goes out of their way to showcase and credit their personal jewelry. More of this, please.

Judgement: 13/10 for pretty necklaces and sweet furry friends

What do YOU think?


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