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Judge the Jewels: Lizzo Embodies Gilded Glamour with Lush Lorraine West Necklaces and a Gold Flute

And yes, she did pause on the red carpet to give a flute performance.





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The sighting: The magnificent Lizzo blessed the Met Gala red carpet with her presence in a wonderfully dramatic black and gold Thom Browne cape over a black gown. The piece de resistance was the singer’s Lorraine West jewelry and a certain musical accessory.

The jewels: Lizzo complimented her black and gold outfit with spectacular neckwear by Lorraine West. The piece first appeared to be one wide choker, but designer Lorraine West told JCK Magazine that it’s actually 37 individual high-polish, satin-finished brass neck cuffs of varied lengths, chosen for maximum visual effect and comfort and stacked together.

As if that weren’t enough, Lizzo is also carrying a truly extraordinary flute made with real gold. Created by John Lunn, the remarkable instrument is known as The Dryad’s Touch and is valued at $55,000. It’s plated with real 18K and 14K green and yellow gold and is believed to be the only green gold flute in the world.

The singer, who is also a classically-trained flautist, received the extraordinary instrument as a birthday present earlier this year (see the TikTok reveal here). And yes, she did pause on the red carpet to give a flute performance.


The trends: Bold, smooth gold has been trendy in rings and chains for a while now and this necklace moment feels like an incredibly cool new development for that trend. If you scale it down to one or two pieces, this neck cuff would be a very chic low key, high-fashion staple to throw on for summer and fall looks.

What do we think? I love Lizzo and her joyful, in-your-face style, but in the past, I’ve found some of her jewelry choices to be lackluster in comparison the strength of her overall presence, which is why I’m so utterly delighted by this!

Finally, Lizzo is wearing jewelry as cool as she is.

Lizzo’s message is all about celebrating yourself just as you are, and this luscious stack of golden rings precisely fitted to her neck feels like a fantastic jewelry embodiment of that sentiment.

Judgement: 17/10!!! The luscious neck stack! The cape! The FLUTE! What more could we ask for?

What do YOU think?

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