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Judge the Jewels: Necklace or Torture Device? Addison Rae Attempts 90s Glamour at 2021 PCAs

The elements of this necklace are fantastic, but does it really work here?





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A post shared by Georgie Eisdell (@georgieeisdell)

The sighting: Social media personality Addison Rae strolled down the red carpet of the 2021 People’s Choice Awards in head-to-toe 90s aesthetic, with a fluttering Betsy Johnson dress and a dramatic vintage Christian Dior by John Galliano necklace.

The jewels: Christian Dior by John Galliano is synonymous with over-the-top glamour, and this necklace more than delivers the drama, with row upon row of sparkling garnet-colored beads culminating in a longer strand embellished with a juicy drop pendant. The upper layers of the choker appear to be joined by a series of curved gold bars, which give the piece additional structure.

The trends: Addison Rae’s very presence on the red carpet is a trend. The aspiring actress’s fame comes from her wildly successful TikTok account, which has over 50 million followers. Besides that, we’ve got the 90s resurgence happening in full force, as well as gemstone beads, garnet color, chokers, and layered necklaces, all of which are very popular at the moment.

What do we think? Part of Addison Rae’s notoriety comes from her history of “borrowing” dance moves from Black creators and not crediting those creators when their moves help her go viral. This necklace feels the same way: It’s a cool move that borrows from greatness, but it does not work on Addison Rae.


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A post shared by Georgie Eisdell (@georgieeisdell)

The elements of this necklace are fantastic – the garnet hue, the dramatic layers, the twinkling beads, the impressive maker – but any positives are overshadowed by the fact that this necklace looks like it is actively trying to strangle its wearer.

I don’t know if the piece has warped over time (it can happen with vintage!) or if it is meant for a wearer with different proportions, but the end result has Addison Rae giving uncomfortable “help me” eyes in almost every one of her red carpet photos.

Judgement: 7/10 for enjoyable drama, 2/10 for excruciating discomfort


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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