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Judge the Jewels: Olivia Palermo’s Louvre Look Nails Several Jewelry Trends at Once

This necklace has everything that’s popular right now.




The sighting: Actress, model, and entrepreneur Oliva Palermo posted a glamorous Instagram photo of herself standing in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris wearing a wonderfully dramatic feathered ensemble complemented with a memorable necklace.

The jewels: Palermo jazzed up the high black neckline of her outfit with a David Yurman High Jewelry necklace. While I wasn’t able to find this exact piece on the designer’s website, it appears to feature the designer’s signature chain links in diamond pavé, a staple of Yurman’s High Jewelry collection, adorned with three sizable, vibrant green gemstones – likely emeralds – on the front.

The trends: This necklace has everything that’s popular right now: it sparkles like a tennis necklace, it has links like a chain, it offers bonus interest in the front like a riviere, and it features one of the very hottest gem colors right now, luscious green. The one-and-done necklace has been extremely popular on red carpets in 2022 and this glamorous photo makes it easy to understand why.

What do we think? If I had read a description of this necklace without seeing a photo, I might have expected this piece’s chunky pavé links and large emeralds to be an incongruous combination, but this necklace works beautifully. The chain links make it feel somehow sporty, which is the perfect note of coolness to balance out Palermo’s extremely frou-frou feathery outfit.

That said: I wish she were wearing earrings! Any relatively understated diamond earring would work, or maybe a hoop or dangling line made with the same diamond pavé chain? Or perhaps emerald studs or emerald drops. So many good, easy earrings options here, and she chose bare lobes. It pains me.

Judgement: 9/10 for a great necklace and neglected ears.


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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