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Judge The Jewels: Olivia Rodrigo Sticks to Silver at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

She wore a 90s-inspired outfit for the evening.





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The sighting: Songstress Olivia Rodrigo appeared at a recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony to help honor singer Carly Simon. Rodrigo wore a 90’s-inspired outfit for the evening. Let’s look at her jewelry!

The jewels: Rodrigo’s earrings are Maria Tash’s 9.5mm Faceted Grand Spike Hoop Earrings in white gold; a close-fitting huggie-style hoop with a dramatic, elegantly tapered spike. Very rock and roll, while still feeling age and brand appropriate for the 19-year-old. The earrings are sold as singles and retail on the designer’s website for $685 each.

The necklace is Sofía Rocha Jewels’ La Pena de mi Corazón Necklace in sterling silver with quartz and natural river pearls on a silk ribbon. It’s a dramatic design, with silver and pearls dripping down from the clear quartz stone. The style is an exclusive, available through retailer TOURIST for $200.

The trends: Olivia Rodrigo is a wildly popular Gen Z superstar and, as such, anything she wears has the potential to become a trend. The earrings are extremely wearable and their pretty punk aesthetic is basically the wearable equivalent of Rodrigo’s delightfully angry pop music.

The ribbon choker has big 90’s energy, as does its long pendant. I hadn’t seen this look yet when I wrote about festoon chokers making a comeback a couple of weeks ago, but I definitely think this piece is further evidence of that trend. Chokers aren’t enough by themselves anymore, they need adornment.

What do we think? I think this look is It’s a little on the understated side for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but that feels appropriate for a relatively new and very young artist who isn’t the night’s honoree. I wouldn’t mind if this look had turned up the volume just a little…maybe with an additional long necklace, or some bold bracelets? But it’s very good as it is.

Judgement: 11/10 for a well-executed low key rock look.


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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