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Judge the Jewels: Sofia Carson Goes “Goth-Glam” in David Yurman Earrings at the VMAs

They’re jagged and surprising and utterly gorgeous.




The sighting: Actress and singer Sofia Carson wore a dramatic black hooded Carolina Herrera gown for the 2022 VMAs. What jewelry do you pair with such a bold outfit? Let’s take a look at what she chose.

The jewels: Carson is wearing only two visible pieces of jewelry here: the wonderfully large and dramatic David Yurman Liberty Hoop earrings in white gold with diamonds, and what appears to be a thick diamond eternity band.

We don’t know much about the ring, but the earrings are glorious. From Yurman’s High Jewelry line, the celestial hoops feature a radiating starburst of diamonds set in white gold. They’re jagged and surprising and utterly gorgeous.

The trends: We’ve got several trends in evidence here: celebs choosing only one major piece of jewelry for their red carpet looks (sigh), celestial jewelry, and dramatic outside-the-box hoop earrings!

Also, these earrings would be so perfect for New Year’s Eve party or any other winter holiday party occasion!

What do we think? These earrings are extremely cool and a fantastic fit for the look, but overall I want a bit more than she’s giving here. Maybe some dramatic ruby bracelets on one arm? Or some more elaborate rings? Once you decide to wear a formal hood, you might as well go big in all aspects of your outfit.

Judgement: 8/10 for one fantastic jewelry choice in an outfit that needed a little more jewelry oomph.

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