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Judge the Jewels: Zooey Deschanel Gives Grown-Up Twee in Assael Pearls

Dramatic and non-traditional pearls have been very popular in recent years, and the trend is still going strong.




The sighting: Actress Zooey Deschanel recently attended the Daytime Emmy Awards in a black and white long-sleeved minidress accessorized with Assael pearls.

The jewels: Deschanel is decked out in creamy white Assael pearls all over: from a double-pearl ring to a multiple strand bracelet stack, two pearl necklaces, and a popping pair of pearl studs.

Every pearl is white and round and lush, the classic ideal of what a pearl should be. They’re all on the larger side as well, with the longer of the two necklaces appearing to be the most generous in scale.

The trends: Dramatic and non-traditional pearls have been very popular in recent years and the trend is still going strong.

What’s cool about these pearls is that they’re very classic, but they’re such a superlative example of traditional pearls that they appear to be almost an exaggerated, Pop Art interpretation of the iconic staple. These are the pearliest pearls in town, the pearls that baby pearls dream of becoming when they grow up.

There is also a hint of Barbiecore to this look, despite the lack of pink: the ultra-classic pearls as an over the top symbol of femininity calls to mind Margot Robbie’s iconic Barbie press tour outfits.

What do we think? I love this for Jess – I mean, for Zooey Deschanel. The actress is legendary for her cutesy style, which can be a tricky aesthetic to maintain while aging gracefully in the public eye.

This mod minidress accessorized with popping mega-pearls feels like a chic and sophisticated take on Deschanel’s personal brand. She still looks a bit like a very pretty cartoon character come to life, but a stylish, adult one who fits in at a fancy awards show.

Judgement: 13/10 for pearl perfection.

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