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Just Jules Celebrating 25th Anniversary





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What does it take to create a business from scratch and thrive for 25 years? It takes passion, a plan, lots of hard work, many sleepless nights, the discovery of wonderful customers, and tremendous support from family and friends. And passion? Did we mention passion? It takes a lot of that. So the fact that Just Jules is celebrating 25 years in business is an ode to the things she loves and the people who love her.

Julie Romanenko grew up playing dress-up in her grandmother’s pearls. From an early age, she watched her mother and grandmother revel in the delight of their jewelry, and instinctively began to realize the impact that a great treasure could bring to any woman. Julie’s maternal family cultivated her passion for art and her love for fine trinkets. To Julie, jewelry has always meant family, a celebration, a special occasion and a moment in history.

Born in New Jersey, Julie began her journey as a jewelry designer at the age of 11 by making friendship bracelets for her girlfriends out of liquid silver beads. While fantasizing about a life as an artist, Julie studied English Literature at the University of Massachusetts. After graduation, Julie began her jewelry career working in the New York diamond district. She was given the opportunity to work with award-winning, one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings. While pursuing her career, Julie began attending Parsons School of Design at night, and began to design, create, and wear her own custom-made pieces. People would stop and ask where she purchased her fantastic accessories. Gaining confidence and attention, Julie quickly landed her first major retailer, Barney’s. Her secret dreams became a reality, one that launched into the very sophisticated, unique and popular line, Just Jules.

Ten years ago, Julie came across some vintage lockets, and her curiosity was piqued. Knowing she may be onto something interesting, possibly even great, she had no idea it would completely change the look of Just Jules. Julie suddenly found herself inspired by all things vintage. Using her husband as a Sherpa, the pair scour antique markets wherever they travel, searching for lockets and — most recently — vintage pins to use as inspiration for rings. The Incarnations locket collection was just the tip of the iceberg!

Twenty-five years later, and a move across the country to the desert Southwest, Just Jules is still going strong. Having recently launched Just Jules Bridal, the collections have found a new following. The work of Just Jules can now be found in fine jewelry stores across the country and is showcased at the Couture show in Las Vegas and in other major trade shows. Julie is honored and humbled to still be able to do what she loves, with those she loves, fulfilling her dream of being an artist 25 years later.




Wilkerson Testimonials

If It’s Time to Consolidate, It’s Time to Call Wilkerson

When Tom Moses decided to close one of the two Moses Jewelers stores in western Pennsylvania, it was time to call in the experts. After reviewing two candidates, Moses, a co-owner of the 72 year-old business, decided to go with Wilkerson. The sale went better than expected. Concerned about running it during the pandemic, Moses says it might have helped the sale. “People wanted to get out, so there was pent-up demand,” he says. “Folks were not traveling so there was disposable income, and we don’t recall a single client commenting to us, feeling uncomfortable. It was busy in here!” And perhaps most importantly, Wilkerson was easy to deal with, he says, and Susan, their personal Wilkerson consultant, was knowledgeable, organized and “really good.” Now, the company can focus on their remaining location — without the hassle of carrying over merchandise that either wouldn’t fit or hadn’t sold. “The decision to hire Wilkerson was a good one,” says Moses.

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