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Kathryn Hahn Makes Statement in the Present with Big Jewelry from the Past

The vintage necklace she wore to the Emmys was one of the showstopping jewels of the evening.




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There are vintage jewels, and then there are vintage jewels that any woman would want to own as they evoke the beauty and exquisite handiwork and design details of the past, yet they are versatile and so timeless that they would feel modern in any time. Such is the case with the Briony Raymond estate necklace that Kathryn Hahn wore to the 73rd annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. The fact that it was designed in the past didn’t stop it from being one of the showstopping jewels of the evening. Its presence was on target with the trends towards Colombian emeralds mixed with diamonds and statement necklaces. The necklace was designed with 44 carats of natural Colombian emeralds and 43 carats of diamonds.

The New York City-based Raymond is a private fine jeweler known in all the right circles for her exclusive estate collection and her limited edition and bespoke designs. She chooses pieces with a connoisseur’s eye, having learned to hone her curatorial skills when she began her career at Van Cleef & Arpels, where she spend almost a decade before founding her namesake company.

But let’s get back to the jewel in question. More and more millennials are asking for jewelry with a past, and jewelry collectors continue to look for pieces that are rare and authentic. Both the new guard and old guard of collectors are captivated by the beauty, story and the fact that the pieces are sustainable, as nothing was recently mined.

One statement piece and building a story around it with more accessible antique or vintage jewels would be perfect to bring in for the holidays and beyond.

Beth Bernstein is a published author of three books and jewelry and fashion expert with 18+ years experience. A broad knowledge of the history of jewelry and fashion coupled with a background in "the story", writing, trends, design concepts has earned Beth a proven track record.



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