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Kathy Ireland Worldwide Expands Health Advocacy

It has with Bright Innovations, Inc.




kathy ireland Gem Spa(PRESS RELEASE) MANCHESTER, NH – Kathy Ireland Worldwide and Bright Innovations, Inc. have entered into a partnership for a revolutionary at-home fine jewelry cleaning and sanitizing system — GemSpa by Kathy Ireland. The announcement was made by GemSpa inventor, jewelry expert and GIA Graduate Gemologist, David Bellman, founder of Bright Innovations, Inc.

“We are very excited to partner with kathy ireland Worldwide, the best brand in the world to bring this revolutionary product to the global marketplace, and to bring the importance of jewelry hygiene to the forefront,” says Mr. Bellman. “Most of us, including the public health community, understand and stress the importance of hand washing as a defense against food-borne illnesses. But most people don’t realize that washing your hands is not enough, and at times, counter-productive. Bacteria colonies dwell and thrive on our jewelry. It’s a fact that the average ring or bracelet carries more than three to five times the bacteria found on a public restroom toilet seat. Now, more than ever, preventing the transmission of harmful pathogens has garnered worldwide attention. The GemSpa by kathy ireland is the only safe, convenient and affordable at-home option that leaves your jewelry not only sparkling, but removes 99.9% of the bacteria residing on it.”

“We are delighted to partner with David and his incredibly innovative team,” says Kathy Ireland, chair, CEO and chief designer of Kathy Ireland Worldwide. “As I learned from my beloved hero and mentor, Elizabeth Taylor, who taught me almost everything I know about exquisite gems, jewelry is something most of us cherish and consider prized possessions, and not only do we want to keep them clean and sparkling at all times, we want to make sure that they are not the source of harmful bacteria for us and our loved ones. The GemSpa by kathy ireland system is effortless, convenient and an easy at-home solution for jewelry hygiene, with professional cleaning results that keep your family safe and healthy, by removing the harmful bacteria that builds up on rings, bracelets, and earrings from everyday wear.”

Over 90% of all fine gold, silver, diamond and gemstone jewelry can be safely cleaned in the GemSpa by Kathy Ireland. The device’s patented surgical-grade, stainless steel mesh design defuses the water and steam in the dishwasher, into a fine spray that gently and safely cleans fine jewelry. This multi-patented device with its locking mechanism secures the complete front cover of the device, which includes a jewelry bar that holds up to three stud/hoop earrings, and a large jewelry bay to place necklaces, bracelets and pendants, which will remain in place during the cleaning process.

The GemSpa by Kathy Ireland retails for $69.95 and is available at




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