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Katie Holmes Indulges in the Large Earring Trend

Holmes stepped out in New York City for a Q&A about her new film, Alone Together.





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DURING THE LOCKDOWN of the pandemic, Katie Holmes wrote a screenplay that she has since directed and starred in, entitled Alone Together.

Holmes trekked out on Friday, July 22, during the heatwave in NYC to do a Q&A about the film at the famed Angelika Film Center in Soho wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, a black jacket, sneakers and large earrings that look like they are crafted out jade circles, possibly another stone or enamel on top dangling from a diamond that sits on her ear.

At press time for this piece, I have not yet determined who designed the earrings, but I will update when we find out.

Together Alone opened in select theaters on the same day she answered questions about the film. It is set during the pandemic starting with lockdown, and Holmes’ character flees the city for an upstate Airbnb that her boyfriend has booked. He is supposed to join her but doesn’t, and the rental has been double-booked, with Jim Sturges in the role of the surprise guest staying at the house when Holmes’ character arrives. Then the film goes on to tell the story of the relationship that builds and what follows.


Now that we have a synopsis of the rom-com, let’s discuss Holmes’ earrings, which are part of a trend toward ultra-large statement earrings. We have seen them on the red carpet, at the Couture Show in Las Vegas at multiple jewelry designers, and on the couture runways. The current “bigger is better” trend in earrings manifests in square, circular and rectangular styles that range from inlayed looks to enamel and cut stones, as well as circular pieces like those that Holmes is wearing, which have a hybrid feeling of Art Deco styles and the ‘60s Mod hoops. Chandeliers are part of this trend as well, as are earrings that climb up the ear and then dip down into shoulder dusters, both which have made a comeback in recent months.

Holmes, who has a definitive chic nonchalant but elegant style, almost captures the feeling of typical attire during the pandemic lockdown: clothes that looked professional or “dressed” from the waist up and more casual from the waist down for Zoom calls. In any case, the style worked, and she looked radiant, even on one of the hottest days in NYC. I just keep wondering if the earrings were as heavy as they were bold? This is the question about large earrings that women who have a hankering to make more of a statement with their jewels these days need to ask themselves. You can go bigger, but when it comes to the ears, you want to make sure the designer of the jewels found a way to keep them light enough to wear without pain and without pulling at your lobes.

Beth Bernstein is a published author of three books and jewelry and fashion expert with 18+ years experience. A broad knowledge of the history of jewelry and fashion coupled with a background in "the story", writing, trends, design concepts has earned Beth a proven track record.



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