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Kids Jewelry Camp to Debut at Spring 2018 Atlanta Jewelry Show




(PRESS RELEASE) ATLANTA, GA — With an eye towards future growth and cultivating a passion for the industry, Atlanta Jewelry Show Executive Director Libby Brown, announced that the first “AJS Kids Jewelry Camp” will be held during the Spring 2018 Atlanta Jewelry Show. 

“Growing up in my parent’s retail jewelry store left unforgettable imprint on my life,” Brown said. “I enjoyed each and every moment, whether I was sitting next to my dad watching him resize a ring at the bench, developing my skills untangling chains or greeting the sales reps that stopped in for a visit.  Who would have thought that after all these years that I would find my way back to my roots and actually have the pleasure of working with those very salesmen that I met so many years ago.”  

Brown continued: “Many retailers in our industry are independent jewelers who created or operate a family-owned business specifically with the idea of handing a legacy down to their heirs. Over the last 25 to 30 years, changes in the economy as well as changes in the retail industry as a whole have made owning and operating a family-owned business challenging at best. Our goal with the AJS Kids Jewelry Camp is to connect with children whose families are in the industry, and help them nurture their interest in the industry by identifying and cultivating excitement and passion for jewelry and the jewelry industry.”

The AJS Kids Jewelry Camp will be held on Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4, and is open to children ages 8 and up. Educational seminars and hands on, kid-friendly programs will be held during the event, and children will be allowed to join their parents on the floor of the show for a “real-life” buying experience.

Melissa Nelson Eastwood, owner of Professional Jewelers of Asheville, is thrilled with the idea of the AJS Kids Jewelry Camp and is looking forward to having her daughter Kallie, 12, participate in the March event. 

“I think the idea is fantastic and very necessary for our industry to help inspire excitement and interest for the next generation coming into the jewelry business,” she said. “As an industry, we haven’t placed enough importance on developing and helping our children pursue their interests within the industry and we’re paying the price for that now.” Eastwood is currently working with Kallie, who is homeschooled, on developing a business plan so she can learn the business from the ground up and start her own line of sterling silver jewelry. Kallie plans to sell her line at local art shows and fairs beginning in spring 2018. 


The cost of the two-day AJS Kids Jewelers Camp event is $100 per child and children must be registered in advance by Feb. 23.  For more information on how children in your family can participate in the AJS Kids Jewelry Camp, or to register your children to take part in this program, call the Atlanta Jewelry Show office at 800-241-0399 or 404-634-3434.



Celebrate Your Retirement with Wilkerson

For nearly three decades, Suzanne and Tom Arnold ran a successful business at Facets Fine Jewelry in Arlington, Va. But the time came when the Arnolds wanted to do some of the things you put off while you’ve got a business to run. “We decided it was time to retire,” says Suzanne, who claims the couple knew how to open a store, how to run a store but “didn’t know how to close a store.” So, they hired Wilkerson to do it for them. When she called, Suzanne says Wilkerson offered every option for the sale she could have hoped for. Better still, “the sale exceeded our financial goals like crazy,” she says. And customers came, not only to take advantage of the going-out-of-business buys and mark-downs, but to wish a bon voyage to the beloved proprietors of a neighborhood institution. “People were celebrating our retirement, and that was so special,” says says.

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