While searching online for experts on retail display, I came across a blog called "Retail Minded" that had some exceptional common-sense tips for your holiday displays. I've boiled them down for your reading pleasure:

  1. Use your displays to highlight product that is most likely to sell during the holidays. It's also a good idea to show a range of product to fulfill a range of holiday needs (e.g., bridal, earrings, pendants, custom, etc.).
  2. Use three general rules of merchandising as your basis for a visually pleasing display: balance, color and height. Balance means making sure your entire display is compelling from all angles. Color refers to how you use color throughout the display to wow your customer. Height refers to making sure key products are eye level versus having them in the corner, on the bottom of the display or anywhere else within the display that may be overlooked. If you get all of these right, the combination produces a powerful eye magnet for customers.
  3. Consider using a recognizable holiday theme throughout your store cases. Whether it's a quaint holiday village scene or a classic Christmas movie scene, consumers respond to their own memories when drawn in by displays. Whatever theme you choose could actually carry through from the store front window to inside displays and even to promotional events. Make sure it’s an obvious theme that most consumers can relate to.
  4. Change your displays up every seven to 10 days if possible during the holidays. While the work you put into the display may be worthy of a long run without interruption, you create more interest if the scene changes regularly. By switching it up, your regular customers will have a new reason to come into your store and potential customers will be more inclined to walk in each time you offer something new in your display. You can make it even more fun by taking pictures of your displays and having customers vote on their favorite at the end of the season.


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