Knocking Pandora from the No. 1 slot it had held since 2009, INSTORE readers crowned Gabriel & Co. the best-performing brand-name jewelry line in 2016. Pandora came in second and Stuller third.

More than 450 jewelry store owners and managers weighed in on the subject in INSTORE’s 10th annual Big Survey, the full results of which appear in the upcoming October issue.

Every month, we at INSTORE ask our Brain Squad what the three best-performing brands were for the preceding month, and the results are published in our Hot Brands section. And since 2008, we have posed the same question in our Big Survey, which is filled out by a broader audience and which frames the question in an annual timeframe.

The last time Pandora was not the No. 1 pick was 2008, when Hearts On Fire took top honors — that year, Pandora was No. 2, followed by Simon Golub. Since 2013, Gabriel & Co. had been in the No. 2 slot. 2016 marks the third year Stuller has been in the top three.

Look out for the full slate of rankings in our October issue. In the meantime, here are the top three brands as chosen by readers since 2008:

2008: 1. Hearts on Fire; 2. Pandora; 3. Simon Golub
2009: 1. Pandora; 2. Hearts On Fire; 3. Simon Golub
2010: 1. Pandora; 2. Hearts On Fire; 3. Simon Golub
2011: 1. Pandora; 2. Hearts On Fire; 3. Stuller
2012: 1. Pandora; 2. Stuller; 3. Gabriel & Co.
2013: 1. Pandora; 2. Gabriel & Co.; 3. Hearts On Fire
2014: 1. Pandora; 2. Gabriel & Co.; 3. Hearts On Fire
2015: 1. Pandora; 2. Gabriel & Co.; 3. Stuller
2016: 1. Gabriel & Co.; 2. Pandora; 3. Stuller



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