When it comes to the upcoming presidential election, no one candidate is a majority favorite among jewelers.

But Republican nominee Donald Trump holds a strong plurality at 48 percent. 

Meanwhile, 25 percent of respondents to our 2016 Big Survey said they would vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. 

We also asked readers about the No. 1 issue they’d be looking at when assessing the presidential candidates this year.

The most popular answer was taxes, with many respondents referring to tax breaks for small businesses. Some also mentioned the need to tax e-businesses at the same rate as brick-and-mortar stores.

Other popular responses:

  • Economic plan.
  • Small business support.
  • Health care.
  • Safety and security of our country.

A few other interesting answers:

  • “Anyone but Trump.”
  • “Anyone but Hillary.”
  • “Lesser of two evils.”
  • “Color of hair.”

One egalitarian response read: “Who can bring bi-partisanship back to the Process.”

This person has a sense of humor about politics: “I do not follow professional sports ... especially sports in suits ...”

One person was fed up with the whole process: “Throw all the bums out ... we need term limits now.”

There were several fatalistic responses like this one: “Who will do the least amount of damage.”

One person took a very reasonable approach: “A candidate that sees a good therapist on a regular basis.”

And one person just wasn’t interested: “The rigged election process really makes a question like this pointless. Sorry.”

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