It's time to up your game.

Are you ready to up your game on social media and your website?

Try video.


People are four times more likely to view video than to read text, says Todd Hartley, a digital marketing expert from WireBuzz and a speaker at last week’s American Gem Society Conclave in Hollywood. Shoppers are 144 times more likely to buy something after watching a product video, according to research from Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s important to use very high-quality, professionally made video for what Hartley refers to as “non-perishable” videos: the “About Us" page on your website, your maintenance promise, or a message from your founder, for example. The kind of content that will stick around for a while and is worth spending money on.

However, you don’t have to go pro for every use of video.

You can use your own phone to send quick video messages to customers: letting them know when a new jewelry line comes in that you know they’re interested in, or when you’d like to announce an event, or when a customer’s anniversary is coming up and you’d like to suggest a gift. Just film yourself talking about it, show some video of gift ideas and send it in an email.

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