An Open Letter to Young Jewelry Store Owners 

Don’t get locked into a narrow focus on merchandising, types of metals, or even stone types. Keep your store fresh. Take real note of what your clients wear, and how they spend. Stock those “always a good seller” types, and add some more arts-based jewelry and stones. Keep in mind my old rule “Quality before Quantity” when buying even a $10 stock item. Is it the best quality that you can get? I think customers today, even when they have the discretionary money to purchase, need some sensible but sometimes catchy “permissions” to spend. My favorite is, “We have low adoption fees for that item!” Get them laughing, as it lowers the wall they may have. — D. Robert Smith, Dancing Raven Stoneworks, Durango, CO

Death of a Salesman

Nothing to say. Brick-and-mortars are becoming extinct. We are all doomed. — Steve & Pat DeChristofaro, Harnik Brothers Jewelers, Tarrytown, NY

Keep It Positive

2016 sounds like it was a real kick in the pants for the majority of us out there. Here’s to a much better year! — Marc Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX

Reinvent Yourself

Constantly reevaluate! Keep trying new things, watch what the big boys are doing, read magazines from other industries, take the leap! Ask lots of questions of professional consultants and see what they say. Train and you will learn from others. Quitting is not an option. — Susan Eisen, Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry & Watches, El Paso, TX

On the Other Hand ...

People who quit are generally on the cusp of succeeding. Ergo, don’t give up! — Chuck Kuba, Iowa Diamond, West Des Moines, IA

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This article originally appeared in the March 2017 edition of INSTORE.



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Ending on a High Note

A sense of relief, like you would not believe.” That’s how Dan Decker of Decker Diamond Jewelers in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania describes his Wilkerson experience. Closing shop when business was good ensured success—but so did the experienced Wilkerson professionals who orchestrated every detail of Decker Diamond’s last sale. Don’t wait until your momentum slows. Reach out to Wilkerson today!


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