WHY IT IS TRUE: It’s Saturday morning before your doors are thrown open to the waiting crowds, and salespeople are gathered for your weekly meeting. Many of them respectfully sit there with their arms folded, because deep down in, they have heard it all before.

PLAN OF ACTION: Challenge your staff by occasionally asking one of them to conduct the Saturday morning sales meeting. Rather than springing a surprise on them late Friday afternoon, find time to sit with them midweek to discuss some of the sales skills with which they are most comfortable. Help them develop half a dozen questions they can pose during the meeting. Give them a flip chart or whiteboard so they can jot down the responses. Help them engage the group in a discussion. Let them know if they have your full support, and watch them shine at “their” Saturday sales meeting. — David Richardson

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 edition of INSTORE.


Two-Time Winner

When it was time to close its doors, Cranstoun Court Jewellers of Sun City, Arizona chose Wilkerson to handle its liquidation sale. For all involved, the sale “far exceeded expectations.” But it wasn’t the first time Wilkerson helped sell off the store’s aging merchandise. They were there 13 years before, when ownership changed hands. See how Wilkerson can help you when it’s time to liquidate or sell off aging inventory.


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