The language of emotion is the language of sales. Shane Decker offers tips for handling diamond sales to various demographics.

HHHHow do you inspire someone to feel so strongly about a diamond that they simply can’t leave your store without it? The key is to romance the sale. Beating your clientele up with a bunch of technical information about diamonds ignores one simple truth: buying a diamond is an emotional experience, not a logical process. If you can’t romance the diamond, you can’t close the sale.

Romancing the sale means using emotional triggers to inspire desire for the diamond.[/inset]Romancing the sale means using emotional triggers to inspire desire for the diamond. The trick, then, is to quickly assess which emotional triggers to use with each customer based on the following criteria:

  • Women are primarily motivated by sentiment. Eighty percent of your communication with women should concentrate on the connection between diamonds and the concept of timeless love and romance. The other 20 percent of the time will be spent on the technical aspects of a diamond, but only if necessary.
  •  Men are primarily motivated by perceived value. Thus, 80 percent of your presentation will revolve around statements such as “one in a million gem-quality diamonds will weigh a carat,” and “250 tons of the Earth’s crust must be removed to recover one 1-carat diamond,” and “a diamond cutter’s hands have to be as skilled as a surgeon’s.” The emphasis should be placed on the rarity of diamonds, as well as the difficult and exacting standards used to produce the final product. The other 20 percent of the conversation can be spent talking about the sentimental value of the diamond, but only if necessary.
  • Customers in their 20s and 30s, when it comes to diamond purchases, are usually looking for an engagement set. Because they are just starting out in their life together, concepts like “forever,” “tradition,” and “timeless” will hold great meaning for them. Avoid “jeweler jargon” like the plague or risk losing the sale. Keep it simple unless they ask for more information
  •  Customers between 40 to 50 years old will have more money to spend and more experience buying jewelry and diamonds. Emphasize the rarity and brilliance of diamonds. Phrases like “a diamond is the only known substance untouched by age,” and “unparalleled, unmatched perfection” will drive home the point that this is one of the most special purchases they’ll ever make. Don’t use ordinary words like “sparkle” with the mature shopper ... instead, describe diamonds as “a rare combination of fire and ice,” “explosive,” and “stored in Mother Nature’s vaults for billions of years.”
  • Customers in the 60-plus demographic are interested not only in the diamond’s present value, but in its value as a legacy as well. Phrases like “family heirloom,” “longer than life,” “better than money,” “lasting through the generations,” and “always remembered” will be key to closing the sale.

Diamond sales are a critical component to the overall success of today’s independent jeweler. Thus, as you master the concept of romancing diamond sales, you strengthen the very core of your business. And the great news is, the same principles used when romancing a diamond are just as effective for romancing your other merchandise as well!

After all, people are emotional creatures ... we love to be amazed, astonished, and tantalized. Give your customers the romantic jewelry-buying experience they crave, and watch as your closing ratios soar!

Shane Decker has provided sales training for more than 3,000 stores worldwide. Contact him at (317) 535-8676 or at

This story is from the December 2002 edition of INSTORE

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