8 Among the choices voters will make this ELECTION DAY, which specialist jewelry store to visit is unlikely to be among them. Still, let your customers know you’re open, let your staff know you encourage them to vote during work hours, and let yourself know that come tomorrow, business will bounce back. Life goes on.

1 Demographics can tell us the age when most people buy houses (about 31), when spending on potato chips peaks (42 for the head of the household), and when people tend to buy luxury cars and also the most expensive jewelry (early 50s). Why then? It’s because the kids have finished college and old age has yet to set in. Celebrate that glorious period known as early EMPTY NESTERS MONTH with an advertising campaign that targets this demographic.

3 Today is CLICHÉ DAY. Get your sales staff to pin their favorite sayings on the backroom fridge. Here are two to get you and your staff started: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” And “You get what you pay for,” which in your store means much, much more than your customer expected.

6 As the nation prepares to “fall back,” ask customers with Facebook and Twitter accounts to submit their plans for the extra hour they gain today at the END OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. Offer a fashion watch as a prize, while also reminding your client base they are always welcome to bring in their fine timepieces for a polish and ultrasonic clean. If you offer preventative maintenance, don’t forget to mention that as well.

7 DEAR SANTA LETTER WEEK starts today. How’s this for a wish-list format? Dear Santa (aka Nicholas Jewelers),

How are you? I am fine. This is Gracie. I know I haven’t written to you in, like, oh, 20 years, but I never ever get what I want for Christmas and I have been so good that I am resuming our correspondence. Please see what you can do about the following ...

25 BLACK FRIDAY this year falls exactly one month before Christmas, making a date that is usually not much of a day for fine jewelers the perfect occasion to kick off your holiday campaign. This year, go the whole door-busting route with your own sale. David Fikse, owner of Gerald’s Jewelry in Oak Harbor, WA, did that recently with a storewide sale “to clean out stale inventory with deep discounts on older items.” The result? Record sales for the weekend.

27 On SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, be on your best behavior. The marketing associated with this day has the potential to bring a lot of new customers in the door. Showcase your best products or services and pay particular attention to your customer service. You get one shot at impressing visitors. Also, offer a coupon to get your new customers to return.

28 Ahead of BLACK FRIDAY prepare an email with a one-day web-only special and a quick tutorial with tips on how your customers can sneak in some online shopping at work. Here are three quickies to get them going:

  • Don’t do anything suspicious, like change the angle of your screen.
  • Master the alt-tab key combination, which is a Windows shortcut that allows you to toggle back and forth between screens in a flash.
  • Make sure you’ve done some previous research so you can get in and out like a surgical strike.


Caffray Jewellers, Hinsdale, IL

Cathy Grad bought into her first jewelry store at the age of just 19. Luckily, the retiring owner was generous in passing on his business wisdom and Grad has enjoyed a life in jewelry, specializing in custom work and creating a loyal following that includes some customers who go back decades. In November her store, Caffray Jewellers, which she operates with her husband in the affluent Chicago village of Hinsdale, celebrates its 35th birthday. The store will mark the date by offering 35 percent off selected stock. “All is awesome,” says Grad, as she prepares for yet another busy holiday season.



it seems, just can’t get no respect. Even its synonyms — Bohemian topaz, gold topaz, Spanish topaz — reflect the way it has lived in the wine-tinged shadow of that other harder, heavier November birthstone. But citrine — the yellow variety of quartz — is actually quite a rare stone, at least in nature. Citrine’s history goes back to the Romans, although its heyday was during the art deco period. Today, it is given as a gift to mark the 13th or 17th wedding anniversary.

This article originally appeared in the November 2016 edition of INSTORE.

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