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Kokopelli Inc.




Kokopelli Inc., New York, NY

OWNER: Kokopelli Inc.; ADDRESS: 152 Prince Street New York, NY 10012; PHONE: 212-925-4411; FAX: 212-226-0700

KOKOPELLI’S AN EYE-CATCHING STORE , alright, and owner Paul Dumont manages to squeeze plenty of Native American jewelry into his petite, modern cave. But a refit from local security firm DGA Security Systems, which was sympathetic to the spiritual feel of the store, means that Kokopelli is not only a treat for the eyes, it’s a thief’s bane, too.

How long have you been at this address, and how did you find out about it?

Since April. I asked the former tenant what he thought his rent would be raised to, when he said he was not going to renew, I found out the name of the owner of the building, went to see him and negotiated a lease that same day.

What’s the interior like?

It’s a southwestern red rock cave with jeweled treasure inside. The design began years ago in my travels throughout the southwest.


Were there any specific requirements when it came to converting the building into a jewelry store?

As with any jewelry store in New York city, security was a very high priority. Having had the unpleasant experience of having been burglarized and then attempting to collect from the insurance company, fortunately, DGA security was there to see me through this. Everything they installed on the selling floor does its job perfectly without interfering with the aesthetics. Also, lighting is always important in a jewelry store but the placement and type of lighting was extremely difficult as I did not want to compromise my design.

How much did it cost to adapt the building?

$150,000 it was worth every penny and I am very proud. The appearance of the store draws them in from across the street, with many oohs, ahs and wows.


Do you think the unusual appearance of the store helps sales?

Absolutely, and we have only been open for 5 months.

How does the design of the store fit in with the jewelry you sell?

I sell southwestern style jewelry in a southwestern modern hip cave – the products we sell at Kokopelli are truly magical. It’s more than just jewelry. Every piece has its own spirit.

What’s next?

I plan to add petroglyphs to the cave walls.


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