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Kristin Davis Exudes Elegance at New York Ballet 2022 in Antique Diamonds

The actress wears jewelry from different eras.




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KRISTIN DAVIS MIGHT be wearing diamonds from her ears to her fingers, but all of the jewelry provides a subtle sparkle and a feminine elegance that allows her to shine. The actress best known for her role of Charlotte in the original Sex and the City series, the two films and the reboot And Just Like That has always exuded a classicism in her character and a fresh-faced glow. This carries over in her real life. She was recently spotted at the ballet in a mix of Fred Leighton’s period diamond jewelry.

Each piece can stand on its own, but when worn together the jewelry creates an understated glamour. It can add a timeless style to an antique jewelry enthusiast’s jewelry rotation. Let’s take the pieces one by one. On her ears, Davis wears old European cut platinum and diamond pendant earrings, circa 1900. One of my favorites is the Edwardian/Belle Epoque period riviere necklace in old European cut diamonds, circa 1910, in platinum over gold. Although the earlier Georgian versions of rivieres are in high demand, this one is more wearable and plays well with other antique as well as modern jewelry. My second favorite piece is the Art Deco French cut diamond bracelet in platinum, circa 1920s. There are three diamond rings, and my pick would also be to wear all three, but if I had to choose only one it would be the five stone Art Deco yellow gold diamond ring, as I prefer a full spread across the finger. The two other styles are equally charming — the antique old mine cut diamond ring with the diamond surround and the three stone rose cut diamond ring set in platinum, each rose cut diamond with its own diamond halo creating a magical effect.


When you look at the full effect with Davis’ champagne colored sparky gown and cape, it is as close to styling perfect as you can come.

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