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Lab-Grown Fashion, Pearl Faces and More New Collections for October

And don’t miss the latest from the Accutron Legacy Collection of watches.




MARIE LICHTENBERG’s colorful lockets

Luscious Lockets

MARIE LICHTENBERG’s colorful lockets achieved wild popularity as soon as they broke on social media, and it’s not hard to see why. These award-winning beauties are so clever and joyful with their vivid enamel, playful motifs and delightfully unexpected barrel shape. They range from purely pretty decorative designs to sentimental sayings and symbolic meanings, like this lucky charm model. 18K rose gold locket with enamel, diamonds, and sapphires.


LEAVITT’s Pearl Faces collection

Pearl Pals Taryn

LEAVITT’s Pearl Faces collection is just the thing for retailers whose pearl selection needs an infusion of fun. Each of these designs centers a lusciously lumpy coin pearl that the designer has imagined into a face, delineating the details of each piece in bold squiggling lines of gold with gemstone accents. 18K yellow gold pendant necklace with coin pearl and aquamarine.


GIGI FERRANTI’s latest launch, the Portofino Collection

Love From Portofino

GIGI FERRANTI’s latest launch, the Portofino Collection, has quickly become beloved among shoppers for its chic, fresh interpretations of two of the most iconic symbols of faith and hope, the heart and the cross. The larger heart pendant features three stripes to symbolize the mind, body and soul connection, while the smaller heart features five lines for the five se ses 18K white gold pendant necklace with sapphires.



AURELIE GI Star Attraction Collection


The tiny, charming star earrings of the AURELIE GI Star Attraction Collection come in everything from itty bitty huggies to petite ear climbers and single star solo studs, and they’re just the thing for twinkling at winter holiday parties. A stellar holiday gift, but also a fantastic option for self-purchasers looking for versatile, mix-and-match pretties to love. 14K yellow gold single earrings with lab-grown diamonds.

$195 each

ACCUTRON Legacy Collection

Watch This

The sophisticated ACCUTRON Legacy Collection — comprised of the most standout watches the iconic brand originally created in the 1960s — is looking better than ever, thanks to a new interchangeable luxury strap assortment. Featuring fine leather material from calf, alligator grain, and saddle, the new straps are incorporated into nine of the existing Legacy strap models in white, orange, brown, green, red, charcoal, periwinkle and gray. Watch with gold-tone stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and gold accents with alligator grain strap and gold buckle.


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Time to Do What You've Always Wanted? Time to Call Wilkerson.

It was time. Teri Allen and her brother, Nick Pavlich, Jr., had been at the helm of Dearborn Jewelers of Plymouth in Plymouth, Mich., for decades. Their father, Nick Pavlich, Sr., had founded the store in 1950, but after so many wonderful years helping families around Michigan celebrate their most important moments, it was time to get some “moments” of their own. Teri says Wilkerson was the logical choice to run their retirement sale. “They’re the only company that specializes in closing jewelry stores,” she says. During the sale, Teri says a highlight was seeing so many generations of customers who wanted to buy “that one last piece of jewelry from us.” Would she recommend Wilkerson? Absolutely. “There is no way that I would have been able to do this by myself.”

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