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Lady Gaga Mixes Old Hollywood Glamour With a Modern Vibe

She shines like she did in 2019 in Tiffany & Co.




Lady Gaga courtesy of Shutterstock.
Lady Gaga courtesy of Shutterstock.

IN TIFFANY & CO. jewels and a black gown, Lady Gaga was one of the stars who brought back the glamour of old Hollywood at the 95th Academy Awards. The sheer corset top gown gave the jewels a modern, edgy vibe, but at the same time the jewels spoke to the elegance of a classic Oscars night. Gaga wore just enough diamond jewels — a choker length necklace, stud earrings, a bracelet and a ring — to create a dazzling effect without being overwhelming.

Her diamond necklace was an archival piece created in the mid-20th century by the legendary house. She also wore Tiffany contemporary stud earrings, Tiffany Victoria mixed cluster bracelet in platinum with diamonds and an etoile five-row band ring with pavé diamonds in platinum.

Lady Gaga courtesy of Shutterstock.

Lady Gaga. Photo: Shutterstock.

This wasn’t the first time Gaga projected a dramatic Hollywood presence in Tiffany jewels. In 2019, she received her award wearing the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, which was acquired by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1878, a year after it was discovered. She wore it with her Alexander McQueen black strapless gown, evoking the look that Audrey Hepburn made famous in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Before the diamond, for which the renowned Jean Schlumberger created a “wardrobe of settings,” was lent to Gaga for the awards, it had only been worn by Hepburn and one other person. That person was Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse for a Tiffany Ball in 1957. Tiffany continues to display the diamond, which it has kept since its purchase in the 1900s.

It seems that sparkling Tiffany diamonds and black gowns is a look that will give Gaga more spots on lists of “Best Jewelry Moments in Oscars History.” She was already on my list for the first look and will be for this one, too, as I believe it was the winning jewelry statement of the evening.


Beth Bernstein is a published author of three books and jewelry and fashion expert with 18+ years experience. A broad knowledge of the history of jewelry and fashion coupled with a background in "the story", writing, trends, design concepts has earned Beth a proven track record.



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