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Lark & Berry Unveils the Brands First Global Campaign Celebrating One Year in Business

It has won the Editor’s Choice design at the 2019 JCK Las Vegas.




(PRESS RELEASE) LONDON —Diamond mining industry disrupting jewelry brand Lark & Berry, fresh off its Editor’s Choice design win at the 2019 JCK Las Vegas conference, has launched its new ‘Clean. Cool. Cultured.’ ad campaign comprised of web ads, upcoming commercials and previews of new summer jewelry collections.

The three tenants of ‘Clean. Cool. Cultured.’ have become a hallmark slogan of Lark & Berry’s due to positive reception of initial uses of the phrase from the brand’s customers and many social media followers.

“People want to know the significance of this ad campaign. It’s all in the three words, all of which have many cultured connotations we want to evoke,” explained Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez.

“Why ‘Clean?’ Ever since I discovered diamonds could be grown and cultured with no land or wildlife displaced, using less water and creating far less wastage… well, I thought what’s not to love about that—a clean diamond that’s better for the Earth and just as genuine as a mined diamond.”

“Then, we have the ‘Cool.’ Cultured diamonds, just the same as mined but created more responsibly with technology? What’s cooler than that? Lark & Berry’s cultured diamonds are Type IIa quality—the best in luxury.

Only 2% of mined diamonds reach that benchmark. Having a purer, better quality diamond that is perfect, or close to perfection as it gets, every single time? Doesn’t get much cooler than that!”


“Then, finally, we have ‘Cultured.’ It’s my favorite term for grown diamonds. Much more so than “lab grown,” cultured really embodies my favorite aspect of these technological and luxurious stone marvels—they’re truly the way forward. Cultured diamonds are the progressive choice and truly the only sustainable choice.”

Aside from the effort to make brand intentions absolutely clear and resonant, Chavez and the Lark & Berry team hope to drum up excitement with the new ‘Clean. Cool. Cultured.’ campaign for new collections releasing just around the corner in time for Summer. New pieces to be formally announced soon include Veto Color Petal bracelets featuring multi-colored cultured gemstones, Modernist Stackable Rings which can are bought separately and can be combined and interchanged for creative expression by the wearer, and the Modernist Tennis Collection, which among other pieces, features long and dangling tennis earrings of white gold and 1.56 carats of the finest cultured diamonds in luxury—just recently worn by 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star, Jane Krakowski at the 73rd Annual Tony Awards in New York City.

Campaign imagery and cut out’s can be downloaded here.



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