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Le Vian Unveils the Pivotal Sentiments Set to Drive Jewelry Demand In 2023




Le Vian Unveils the Pivotal Sentiments Set to Drive Jewelry Demand In 2023

(PRESS RELEASE) LAS VEGAS, NV — A glittering ballroom brimming with dazzling jewelry and packed to the rafters with the who’s who of the jewelry world – from global retailers, to leading independent stores, A-list press, influencers and VVVIP clients – was the scene at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, for Le Vian‘s 23rd annual red carpet catwalk which hailed the key sentiments that will drive forward jewelry demand in 2023.

The Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast distills the feelings and lessons of our time and ties these to jewelry that articulates these feelings. Seven members of the next generation of the LeVian family announced the 7 trends of 2023. Key sentiments include Alive! Beautiful Creations, arising from a primal desire to attach ourselves to life itself and to nature; Tranqulity, the state of inner peace we strive for when the backdrop to our lives and our world exhibits chaos and conflict; and Balance, a return to normalcy and possibility, expressed by emerald gemstones and emerald cuts, renowned for balance.

Multiple members of the LeVian family conducted a tribute for the 100th birthday of their late father and grandfather, highlighting how his characteristics and attributes have continually informed the values that have inspired the next generation of the LeVian family.

The LeVian Red Carpet Revue, which is widely acclaimed to be the world’s most authoritative fine jewelry trend forecast, also served as a fundraiser supporting children’s charities including St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Jewelers for Children as well as the Diamonds Do Good organization that empowers people in the remote diamond producing areas of the world. In the last year, LeVian’s Red Carpet Revue events have raised over $1m for these chosen charities.

The broadcast quality production was streamed live by Le Vian as well as Kay, Jared, Belk and multiple independent retailers via their respective social media channels direct from Vegas.

Models on the runway included a friend of Le Vian, Andie Weinman, president of Continental Buying Group and the miraculous survivor of an illness which 2 years ago she was told was terminal, who was accompanied on the runway by her beloved dog Elvis. They both modeled designs from the Alive! Beautiful Creations collection.


Catwalk guests enjoyed a stunning musical performance by Kodi Lee, a 25 year old blind and autistic musical prodigy, a pianist who first rose to fame after winning season 14 of America’s Got Talent

CEO Eddie LeVian said: “Over the last two decades, we have identified style trends by looking to our credentials in high fashion, red carpet celebrity dressing and consumer behaviors, gleaned from sales at our thousands of annual one-day trunk shows featuring one-of-a-kind originals from hundreds of new collections each year. However, for our 2023 Trend Forecast we have pivoted our focus to the emotions at the core of jewelry buying decisions. We are focusing on the consumer sentiments which reflect the zeitgeist and articulate the mood of the moment in popular culture. This is an important step for the future of our family business, which I’m glad to say nine members of the next generation have joined in the last two decades.”

The 7 Key Jewelry Trends For 2023

Alive! Beautiful Creations
After a turbulent two years, a primal desire to attach ourselves to life itself, to nature, and to a sense of rebirth, has given rise to Le Vian’s Beautiful Creations collection, comprising original, artistic bejeweled iterations of nature’s creations that inhabit our land, air and sea.

Le Vian collections span heavenly creatures of Land, Air and Sea, which reign supreme in the jeweled jungle of Le Vian, from dogs, long known as man’s best friend, symbolizing loyalty, family, devotion, patience and perseverance, to fish denoting rebirth, fertility, good luck and health and butterflies reminding us of transformation.

Le Vian named Alive as the Trend of the Year for 2023.


For 2023, Le Vian forecasts the compelling allure of Periwinkle, characterized by blue with varying subtones of pinks and purples. Inspired by clear warm blue skies, ethereal waters and deep blue seas, it’s blue that brings us calm – a state of inner peace we all strive for whenever the backdrop to our lives and our world exhibits chaos and conflict.

Blues have long been associated with relaxation, calm contemplation, dreamlike moments and tranquility. The Blueberry Tanzanite, a gemstone only found in Arusha, Tanzania, tantalizes with its blue hues and undertones that change depending on the light, while Blueberry Sapphire and Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire are prized for their vibrant blue Periwinkle hue and regal purple undertone.

Le Vian, a world leader in tanzanite in the late 20th century, called it the Fall Gem of the Year for 2023.

After being thrown way off kilter, we crave a return to normalcy, to the restoration of balance, of opportunity, of possibility. In gemology, emerald denotes both a gemstone and a way of cutting a precious gemstone. Both are sought-after for their characteristic of balance.

Le Vian adds extra dazzle to the traditional emerald cut by adding a checkerboard top. The emerald cut also features in Le Vian’s luminous halo designs, encircling a jewel’s center stone. Le Vian’s Costa Smeralda Emeralds, known for their prized deep greens, are fashioned in emerald cuts as well as other shapes.

Le Vian named emerald as the Spring Gem of the Year for 2023 and Emerald cut as the Shape of the Year for 2023.


We all seek euphoria, and nothing quite delivers it like rich, dark, luxurious chocolate. Euphoria is an intense feeling of bliss, excitement and happiness. It is epitomized by embracing our obsession with relishing and indulging in the finest, richly flavored, artisan Chocolate.

The Godiva x Le Vian collaboration is Le Vian’s first creative interpretation of the power, pleasure, and wonder of chocolate, inspired by Godiva’s exquisite premium chocolates, made with love, to be savored forever. Now, Wrapped in Chocolate is one of the new iterations of the Chocolate Shavings, where ribbons of Chocolate Diamonds wrap around a center shape or design, while Chocolate Solitaires secure the diminishing supply of Chocolate Diamonds as centerstones in original new designs.

The fresh, enticing, electrifying colors of Le Vian Enamel bring moments to life, infusing them with energy and the impulse of joy. The perfect antidote to routine and restriction.

Multitudes of enamel colors now add to Le Vian’s already rich gamut of color gemstones and precious metals, creating a distinct look for seasons to come.

Inner Strength
With its valuable qualities of endurance, Platinum is the precious metal of resilience, purity and high style. The Le Vian Platinum Collection grounds us at a time when we all need to locate our inner strength. Specially alloyed by Le Vian for strength, Resilient Platinum, is the purest and most durable precious metal in existence, containing 95% pure platinum.

Platinum holds gemstones and diamonds more securely than any other precious metal, while its naturally white color enhances the color of gemstones.

Optimism sparkles like rays of the sun, lighting up our darkest hours. Our search for a far brighter future is reflected in the bright yellows of the certified natural fancy and fancy light colors of Le Vian’s Sunny Yellow Diamonds.

Le Vian Sunny Yellow Diamond precious jewels dazzle with sunshine, inspired by the celestial light in all its iterations. Meanwhile, the hard-working, dedicated and united teamwork of bees has emerged as the optimistic inspiration for Le Vian’s hugely popular Bee Positive talismans, each one set rich Honey Gold.



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