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Legend Jewelers




Legend Jewelers, San Angelo, TX

OWNER: Legend Jewelers; ADDRESS: 18 East Concho Avenue San Angelo Texas 76903; PHONE: 915-653-0112; FAX: 915-655 2616

THESE DAYS, customers browsing Legend Jewelers are usually after a little something to create an intimate, special moment with a cherished loved one. But years ago, the patrons of this historic building visited with far less enduring liaisons on their mind

When was the property built?

In 1901. Now here’s what is really unique… our building is well known throughout West Texas as the Miss Hattie’s Building. The second floor, above the jewelry store, operated as a first class bordello until being closed down by the Texas Rangers in 1946. Today, we offer guided tours for a glimpse back in time. It’s called Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum.

Why the location for the jewelry store?

Known as Historic Block One, Concho Avenue features historical structures dating back to 1886, many with national markers. In addition to convenience for our regular customers, the tourism on the street is phenomenal. Typical traffic on a Saturday is 200 people!


What was the inspiration for the design?

We were after a simple but elegant atmosphere that was comfortable. Whether customers are shopping for a simple silvergift or high end designer wedding ring, we want them to feel welcome and comfortable. Just like the wide open spaces of West Texas, the store is designed to be open and comfortable… the customer can walk behind every single showcase! We have a 15 foot ceiling with the original tin ceiling, beautifully restored and painted gold.

Any special features?

Visible from the window of the second floor is a mannequin of Miss Hattie waving to the tourists on the street. There’s also over 75 feet of built-in wall showcases so the customer can view the jewelry at eye level.

How do visitors react to the store?

The usual reaction we get is how open the store is. When you walk in the door, you can see 100 feet back. With the 15 foot high ceilings, it is very open. The overall design departmentalizes the gifts, separating them from the watches, whilst watches and colored stones are also made distinct from diamond jewelry. The amazing thing is, it’s fairly modular. All of the floor cases can be moved into different configurations.

Please sum up your store’s philosophy.

You have to admit, Legend Jewelers is unique. Granted, we’re not on Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue but we are an independent store who tries to constantly break the mold and try things others haven’t. And we welcome the local ranchers and their dirty boots!



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