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Legend Jewelry’s New Focus on Independents





In this Media Spotlight interview, Legend Jewelry’s vice president, Ansilo Chui, tells INSTORE’s Chloe DiVita about the company’s plans for 2023. Legend Jewelry, a long-time supplier to some of the best brands in the world, is known for quality control, attention to detail and wide range of exceptional diamond and gemstone jewelry. Based in Asia with U.S. offices in Renton, Wash., Legend Jewelry is now focusing on expanding relationships with this country’s independent retailers.

Legend Jewelry got its start over 25 years ago. Founded in 1992, the company has over 172,000-square feet of manufacturing space in Thailand and credits much of its success to keeping abreast of trends and consumer preferences. This design originality, coupled with Legend’s ability to bring new styles to market quickly, has made Legend a preferred choice for jewelers the world over.

The company’s core values — professionalism, quality and social responsibility — have helped Legend Jewelry to build strong relationships with its many valued customers over the years. In the coming months, company representatives hope to establish long-term relationships with America’s independent jewelers as well. In 2023, the company will be exhibiting at the RJO, IJO, JCK and CBG trade shows.


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