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Light Performance the Extra Added Value when Shopping for Diamonds

Compete against e-commerce sites who are opening up 100’s of retail stores.




(PRESS RELEASE) Compete against e-commerce sites who are opening up 100’s of retail stores with free and easy light performance technology. This feature gives you that added point of distinction to help close sales quicker and easier. Consumers want to know why one diamond outshines another and want to buy a diamond that will be the brightest diamond in the room. By having a diamond with a 3rd party light performance grading, consumers become more confident in the diamond they are selecting, it brings a uniqueness to their buying experience within your store.

GN Diamond provides free light performance analysis on all of their certified loose diamond inventory along with large diamond studs. Diamond Hunt, GN Diamond’s free, loose diamond search portal of over 5,700 loose diamonds, seamlessly integrates with your website to showcase your entire inventory plus GN’s entire inventory. With a sleek interface and embeddable links for your website, you can create an enchanting and educational online customer experience that rivals the major internet retailers. When luxury shoppers reach your website, they will easily find what they are looking for and quickly understand the unique characteristics and value of each loose diamond.

  • Show off light performance. Easily explain the cost of individual diamonds by showcasing their brilliancy and brightness. The light performance provides a third-party grading to compare the often subtle differences between one G SI1 and another seemingly similar G SI1.(for example)
  • Simplify the Diamond Presentation. Shorten your diamond presentation by easily overcoming pricing objections even before they come up. This is a free and easy to use tool.
  • A 360-degree video of the diamond and its natural birthmarks. This fully transparent view is far better than the types of still images typically shown online.
  • On-line GIA, AGS, and EGL-USA certification for all diamonds.

In addition, when retailers are buying loose diamonds for stock, GN makes selecting and shopping simple with a quick link or QR code of each diamond showing the above features.

If you have any questions on light performance or adding Diamond Hunt to your website feel free to learn more at, or speak to a GN representative at [email protected] or 800-724-8810. We are open 7 days a week.



Maximize Every Sale with Wilkerson

When it’s time to run a sale, whether it’s a retirement, going-out-of-business, anniversary or “we’ve got too much merchandise” sale, let Wilkerson handle the details. The Diamond Galleria did just that when they selected Wilkerson to run its liquidation sale. According to Sharon, their CPA, it was the right choice. “We could have done a going-out-of-business sale ourselves and done 30 to 40 percent of what we actually sold with Wilkerson involved,” she says. Seeing the strategies that Wilkerson puts in place for every sale was something that convinced her they had made the right move. “I would highly recommend Wilkerson to anyone considering this type of sale.”

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