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Lightbox to Offer Lab-Grown Diamonds Up to 2 Carats

Pricing will be at $800 per carat.




A Lightbox 2-carat diamond pendant.
A Lightbox 2-carat diamond pendant.

NEW YORK – Lightbox announced that it is introducing larger stones at its $800-a-carat pricing.

The offering includes pink, blue and white lab-grown diamonds in sizes up to and including 2 carats, with a 2-carat round brilliant lab-grown diamond pendant retailing for $1,600 plus the cost of the setting.

Additional stone cuts and jewelry silhouettes in 14-karat gold are set to release early next year.

More from the press release:

Lightbox is further expanding its accessibly priced product range with the launch of “Finest,” a new category of superior quality Lightbox lab-grown diamonds, priced well-below what is currently offered in the market.

“These exciting new introductions represent our continued commitment to innovation,” said Lightbox CEO, Steve Coe. “Our incredible team continues to push the boundaries on lab-grown diamond engineering technology and thanks to our 50 years of experience, pioneering approach, IP portfolio and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gresham, we have the capability to now take the next steps in expanding our lab-grown diamond product range to include stones of larger size and even higher qualities. This enables us to bring our fair and transparent linear pricing model to lab-grown diamonds up to 2 carats in size and offer superior value to our customers over an extensive range of stone sizes and qualities. For size, quality and pricing Lightbox is leading the way.”

“Finest” is the company’s latest innovation in lab-grown diamond technology, a proprietary diamond engineering process, developed by Lightbox, that combines its existing exceptional CVD synthesis technology with a further leading refinement that enhances color in Lightbox’s already high-quality stones. “Finest” lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to be VVS clarity, colorless D, E, F with an excellent cut. The same integrated technique is applied to Lightbox’s colored stones in the “Finest” range, further refining the saturation and consistency of its blue and pink lab-grown diamonds. Lightbox is laser inscribing each “Finest” stone with a unique quality mark just under the table of the stone, that is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen through a 10x loupe. Each stone also comes with its own quality guarantee, detailing its cut, color and clarity. This step reflects the quality and consistency of Lightbox lab-grown diamonds and serves as the product’s warranty, providing consumers an extra measure of assurance. Pricing for “Finest” follows Lightbox’s straightforward and linear model, with a one carat stone priced at $1,500 plus the cost of the setting. Lightbox continues to position its brand consistent with its belief that the real, long term opportunity for lab-grown diamonds is in accessibly priced jewelry at or below $2,000 and so will only offer “Finest” stones in sizes up to one carat. The “Finest” range includes pink, blue and white lab-grown diamonds available in a selection of existing pendant and earring styles in 18-karat gold settings.

The new two carat product range and “Finest” debut represent Lightbox’s continued commitment to offer high-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry options for a wide range of occasions at industry-leading prices.

Originally slated to launch in 2022, the new introductions were accelerated by the opening last fall of Lightbox’s advanced manufacturing Lab in Gresham, Oregon. The new product will launch to consumers in late October on the Lightbox website and a broader rollout to both brick and mortar and online retail partners is planned for early 2022. Visitors to can join a waitlist as early as today to be notified when styles are available.




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