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Lily Collins Turns Up the Heat at the Emily in Paris Premiere

She wears Cartier.




WHO ELSE IS as excited as me at the return of Emily in Paris for a third season? It’s just what I need as an escape from the challenges of daily life and what we define as the new normal. But let’s talk jewelry, my favorite subject. We know a few of the jewelers that Lily Collins will wear in her role, but until the episodes come out, or at least the trailers, we will have to be patient. But I promise to do a reveal. In the meantime, Collins, who is also a Cartier Ambassador, wore some intriguing Cartier jewelry to the Paris Season 3 premiere of Emily in Paris.

To complement her sinuous cutout Saint Laurent gown, Collins’ stylists chose meaningful pieces that also were ultra-chic. The combination of the scarab motif for protection was rendered in elegant proportions and designs a la Cartier. Collins wore the yellow gold and diamond Cartier Collection scarab earrings, matching scarab and diamond cuff bracelets on each wrist and the Cartier Maillon Panthère ring in yellow gold and diamonds.

The youthful innocence and insouciance of Collins’s character and the fashion and jewelry she wears on the show are very Parisian, a mix of classic and current – something that will work for now and tomorrow. But this look transformed Collins into a movie star in the style of old Hollywood glamour, proving the actress can transform her style and her personality to suite the role and the occasion.

I think this rendition of scarabs stemming from ancient Egypt is modern, sophisticated and less edgy than those we see in the market, and it is one of the best iterations I have seen.

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He Doubled His Sales Goals with Wilkerson

John Matthews, owner of John Michael Matthews Fine Jewelry in Vero Beach, Florida, is a planner. As an IJO member jeweler, he knew he needed an exit strategy if he ever wanted to g the kind of retirement he deserved. He asked around and the answers all seemed to point to one solution: Wilkerson. He talked to Rick Hayes, Wilkerson president, and took his time before making a final decision. He’d heard Wilkerson knew their way around a going out of business sale. But, he says, “he didn’t realize how good it was going to be.” Sales goals were “ambitious,” but even Matthews was pleasantly surprised. “It looks like we’re going to double that.”

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