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Love Everlasting: Valentine’s Day Picks

Valentine’s Day picks that allow your loved one to sparkle in gold and diamond hearts and flowers.

Sure, we all love a box of chocolates or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But chocolates get eaten (too quickly) and flowers eventually fade, so let’s help Valentine’s Day gift givers to offer the same loving motifs in gold and diamonds — enduring, romantic pieces that she will wear with the love and sentiment in which they were given.

Throughout history, heart designs had different meanings as did flowers. Often times in the Victorian era, for example, these symbols spoke the emotions that could not be said out loud. At Gabriel & Co., we have a range of heart and floral jewelry that is elegant and feminine without being too sweet or “girly.” These are pieces that offer intrinsic value and meaning for both the giver and the receiver.

Hearts are also back on-trend in a way they haven’t been for years due to the fact that they are more creatively designed. We have quite a number of them in earrings and pendants that are all easy to wear for any occasion.

We realize that we are still going through challenging times and women want pieces they can hold dear and rely on to make themselves feel confident, beautiful and loved. And if you want to be really creative, you might put a heart pendant in a box of chocolate or hang a pair of earrings from a single rose in a bouquet.