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Luminous Diamonds Features Rare Fluorescent Diamonds

It invites women to celebrate their inner light with diamonds that reflect it.




(PRESS RELEASE)NEW YORK — Every woman has an inner light—but only certain diamonds do. Fluorescent stones are extremely rare, formed under unique geological conditions that create diamonds with a stunning inner radiance that flashes in the sunlight and emits a magical glow in UV lighting.

Luminous Diamonds is a new fine jewelry brand that emphasizes the wondrous characteristic of fluorescence through a collection of bold earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Inspired by a woman’s inner light and strength, the pieces are designed with the shape of a free-form hexagon as a central motif to celebrate the individualistic spirit of each woman. The offerings range from diamonds that can be worn as an everyday luxury, to couture jewelry pieces, each carrying an intimate, hidden message, held in a central vortex of light, revealed only when the wearer chooses.

Celebrating the women who will buy and wear these diamonds, the brand launches The Greatness Is Made Under Pressure, a campaign series set to the classic Queen song Under Pressure, that features resilient and fearless women who put their ring fingers on the pulse of modern empowerment by standing on their own, reflecting the spirit of women around the world who are being challenged, but still shine bright – view the brand film below:

The roster includes WNBA athlete Skylar Diggins-Smith, attorney and travel writer Cynthia Andrew, groundbreaking hip-hop violinist Ezinma, genderfluid advocate Elliott Sailors, plus-size model Denise Bidot, and a successful model and photographer after 60 – Marian Moneymaker. In the video series, the women talk about the pressures that they face in society, but the joy and freedom that they find staying true to themselves by following their inner light. View the stories here.

“These diamonds are stunning, luminous, and make a statement. They reflect the way modern women wear confidence like a rare jewel, and they dare us all to stand out by sharing our inner selves,” says Rebecca Foerster, president Alrosa USA. “Greatness in people, like diamonds, is made under pressure. When a woman follows her own inner light, others see it. Our diamonds are an enduring reminder of this light.”


Every piece of the introductory collection of 28 Luminous Diamonds designs will come in a special jewelry box that has a UV source inside and make the unboxing experience truly exceptional. They will also come with an exclusive for luminous diamonds glow report by AGS laboratory in addition to its regular grading certificate that features the traditional ‘four Cs’ (cut, clarity, color and carat weight).

The Greatness Is Made Under Pressure campaign series shows each piece in natural and ultraviolet light to show that every Luminous Diamond’s glow is as unique and remarkable as the woman who wears it.



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